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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Shopped til I dropped

Yes, I literally dropped each and every day. Dodging scooters, strollers and gawking shoppers is hard work when there is sew much to look at. Every time I wandered around the shopping area I found new stuff to see, even if I had already been to the same booth. Partly because I skipped some booths that were too crowded the first time but I also noticed new merchandise as the old was sold off.

Do you remember the quilted sweatshirt jacket I made? I hope so cuz I can't find the post where I blogged about it. Anyway...the jacket was made with Cherrywood fabrics and I wore that jacket when I went to the Cherrywood booth. Surprise Surprise - they gave me the little bundle of fabrics for "advertising." There are two 8FQ bundles there, one labeled Kiwi Berry and the other Madagascar, that I hope to use for hexie projects. Somewhere online I saw a runner with larger hexies that was graduated in color from one end to the other. I hope to make at least one of them for a Christmas gift. The bag is Cherry scraps - can't wait to get into that pack.

Yup - more fireman fabric. The quilt needs matching pillowcases ;) I bought enuf to make the body of 2 pillowcases as the firemen but then someone mentioned they wanted to know where to buy the fabric (really hard to find) so maybe I make the pillow end in firemen and sell the rest? The sushi and Asian cat top left and sewing house mice bottom right were just because purchases. The butterflies and yellow cat fabrics on the bottom left were to try fussy cutting hexies.

Gotta buy Texas fabric when in Texas!! 2 FQ with the intention of gifting one - we shall see. I always purchase neutrals so they were a given. The black, red and blue were for the Orca Bay mystery - altho now I have seen so many other color combos online I am kicking myself for not being more inventive.

Yes, there really was a tea booth at the show! What fun to have a little sample. I purchased some Orange Roobibus that smells divine and she told me that my tea might come out bitter sometimes because I was steeping it too long and had too many tea leaves - hence the spoon. The kit on the left, my only "regret" once I figured out exactly how much I had spent this weekend, is a kumihimo starter kit and book. Kumihimo is a way of making braids and I can make round or flat braids. You can even add beads to the braids.

You know I had to buy zippers! A teeny bit more expensive than locally but different colors. The cat scissors are for me and the fish scissors are a gift. My first Zentagle book is geared towards quilted projects. I thought it would be an easy place to start and see if I am any good with Zentangle since I can't actually doodle worth beans. I really look forward to the freemotionquilting aspect of it. The wooden stamp is used to stamp fabric. The demos showed black images on hand dyed or batik fabrics and it was stunning. It came in the little bag. They also had much larger stamps but I felt this was a good place to start.

There is also a picture of the threads I bought but Blogger is having fits so that's it for today...
I also have to go thru the rest of the laundry basket to see what other purchases are hiding. Oh and I think I packed some things in my shoes...


Janet O. said...

Ohhh, what fun!!
You found some really unique fabrics that will be fun to use. I think Bonnie's color combo for her mystery quilt is going to be very striking--you don't need to do anything different, in my mind.
I can envision that design stamped on batiks and I think it will be gorgeous.
I've never seen cat scissors (how appropriate) or fish scissors. Too cute.
Thanks for sharing--I'm looking forward to more. : )

Denise :) said...

Man oh man! What a great shopping spree you had! Love all your beautiful fabrics (and oh yeah, here's the link to your quilted sweatshirt: http://sarahdidit.blogspot.com/search/label/quiltedSweatshirt -- you're so funny!). I love that there was a TEA booth! And that you got the Tea in Texas magazine -- I can NEVER find it anywhere! And I so want to hear more about the zen-sational book, too! You just got so much fun, fun, fun stuff; you're going to have such a blast playing with it all and recalling your marvelous Houston trip! Well played!!! :)

Karen said...

I love every single thing you bought - how did you ever decide?! Thanks for sharing your purchases, this was a fun post to read... except...I think I need those cat scissors. Any idea where they came from?

Lauren Sgranfetto said...

Yup, you are officially initiated! Looks like you had loads of fun- which is after all why we do it! My credit card was smokin when I went-