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Friday, July 26, 2013

Feline Friday - 7/26/13

Momma *finally* came home from her vacation!!

As soon as she opened the door I beat it outside...GrandMomma wouldn't let me do that. I sniffed around the yard before settling in the veggie garden. It's kinda hard to tell but besides grass and snowpeas on the little white fence, can you guess what the rest is? Nope, it's not catnip - Momma planted a whole bunch of seeds for me and not a single one came up :( The rest are actually weeds that went wild while she was gone so guess what she claims she will do on Sunday?! Don't worry, I'll be out here again to snoopervise.

Since Momma had lots to carry in to the house she hooked the screen door open. Midgie decided to check out the porch but often ran inside as Momma carried something up the steps. Twice she jumped off the porch (only I get to do that!) but she got right back on when Momma told her to.

The big surprise was when my wussy brother also came out on the porch. Momma grabbed the camera fast because this hasn't happened in the 5 years that they have lived here. I guess he thought it was ok if the rest of us did it. Go Pepper!

Momma says to tell you in the process of adding this linky party, she realized it's now been a whole year of Feline Friday Linky parties. Go felines & friends! Since Momma has to pay for this service (it must be cutting into my kibbie treats), she asks that if you ever want to sign up for an inLinkz account you use a link from one of our linky parties...she gets a little commission that way. Thanks!


Missy Shay said...

Sounds like my cats, Pippi runs outside, but the rest basically stay inside, which is fine with me. I was thinking of planting cat nip when we moved, but I'm afraid that I will have every cat in the neighborhood in my garden! LOL

Neighbor Chick said...

When Kitty Baby gets out, he goes under the concrete slab and I have a hard time getting him out. Congrats on Feline Friday's birthday!! Have a lovely day.
Neighbors About Town Blog

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Love that first picture surrounded by green! Tucker enjoys the screen porch and an occasional supervised foray into the yard with me.

Janet O. said...

Pepper must have decided he had to watch you more closely because of the long absence.
Just got back from our camp--not as peaceful as yours--we had a total of 53 people! Not all stayed the whole time, but the joint was really hoppin". : )

Denise :) said...

Awww, they must have missed you terribly! And then you headed out Saturday and spent all day gone! Bad mama!! LOL! :)