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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - July 2013

I've scheduled this post to go live before I went camping but you can bet that whether I am sitting around my campsite today or hiking some mountain, I have my hexies with me!! I'll take pictures to share next week :)

This is probably the project I am working on as you read this post - my twisted hexies. And it's also the batik I bought at a local show last month. I am hoping to use it for the outer border (and yes there will be a black inner border, altho I won't really cut off the hexies). It's not exactly the colors of the hexies but since I used everything but the kitchen sink in the hexies I think the border will work. Trust me...this batik is just gorgeous and the colors are so rich!

Next post will be 7/19 for Feline Friday - cya then!

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1 comment:

ANudge said...

Sorry I missed this on the 17th - always fun to come by and check on other's hexies. I like those twisted ones. Hope you're having fun!