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Friday, July 05, 2013

Feline Friday - 7/5/13

Box-i-topia at Casa Grande!!!

Last week Momma got rid of a box that used to have catnip in it. That box was the bomb but we had scratched it to pieces. This week Momma got us some new boxes.

This one used to hold her new tent but now I can run thru it for treats. Pepper and Squeaky don't fit so it's just for me!!! WootWoot! Do you see the copy paper box lid in the background? That's mine too!

She also brought these other boxes - one even has a porch and high ceiling so I can share with my chunkier brother and sissy.

We apologize for the pictures but we were so excited for treats in new boxes that we just couldn't pose for Momma's camera...maybe next week...


Scrapatches said...

Cute kitties having fun = great photos. Thanks for sharing. Your kitties always make me smile ... :) Pat

Janet O. said...

Like little kids at Christmas--so entertained by the boxes.
That is funny about the catnip box. : )

Denise :) said...

I have one sister packing up her house to move, another sister unpacking into a new house and so is Jocelyn. All of them have cats who are having a marvelous time of it! Big boxes, small boxes, stacked boxes, boxes with little *things* left in them . . . !!! :)