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Monday, August 19, 2013

Design Wall Monday - at the Fair! - 8/19/13

When it rains, it pours!

We survived the fair, there are meetings a plenty this week, vacation schedules have been re-adjusted and school taxes will arrive soon. I could certainly use a break but let me tell you that Sunday afternoon on the porch with hexies, a good audio book, 1 cat in the lap and another on the grass was absolutely divine!

Since I need to get this posted rather quickly, I'll just share hexie night and the ribbons I won at the fair and leave the rest of the fair pictures until tomorrow. Don't forget that the Be a Hexie Queen Hop starts in just 2 1 days!!!!! Yikes - I guess I should pay better attention because I have an old graphic and the hop starts tomorrow - we'll finish the fair next week. Cya at the hop tomorrow!

My LQS hosts a monthly hexie night but we decided to live it up and had a second night at the fair near the Home Arts Division and the LQS booth. 7 of us chatted, ate fair food, hexied and shared our obsession with fair-goers. I know *I* had a blast!

2nd Place - the judge thought quilting in the center would be interesting and thought the edge stitching should have been more even. I agree it could have been a little more even but given the construction method it was nearly impossible to do...

2nd Place - judge liked the quilting and said it was nice piecing (not sure they realized it was hexies versus machine pieced) but found the flange "distracting." I agree it was not 100% what I had hoped it would be but I liked the extra pop of color.

1st Place - my only first place was in their new category of covers. This is my kindle case. The judge liked the color transition (it's green hexies on one side and purple on the other. The lining is yellow = my 3 fav colors)

2nd Place - Judge commented great quilting and excellent binding. No idea why it didn't get a first. Sadly most quilts were displayed in this manner - folded in to little bits and not showing the quilt design or quilting. There was room to hang at least 8 large quilts in their entirety but they only chose to hang 2 - 1 wool applique (a judge fav) and another gorgeous applique. There were lots of complaints about displays this year.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations on your ribbons. To bad about the displaying problem - I hate it more when quilt shows do this type of display - afterall you go to SEE the quilts.

Janet O. said...

Looks like a fun hexie night at the fair. Our home arts building is hot and poorly lit--I don't think I could get quilters to gather there for an evening. : )
Congrats on the ribbons.
Maybe it was a booboo that your quilt received a red. I've seen it happen--quilt was marked for blue and someone goofed and gave it a red.

Carla said...

Hmmmmm, a hexie night. I think we need that here ; )

margaret said...

congrats on your success at the fair, all your pieces look pretty amazing to me. See you had a good night with friends.As you said shame the quilts could not be hung as that is the way to rally show them of at their best

Michelle said...

Wow......great job !!
I may get brave enough to enter stuff in the next quilt show in Darwin .
Who knows......

Anonymous said...

Wonderful results at the fair.

Denise :) said...

I'd have given you four firsts. And hung all of your pieces prominently. Just so you know. Congrats!!! Your work is just beautiful! :)