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Monday, August 12, 2013

Wyoming County Fair - open hearth cooking

Yeah, I know, today is normally Design Wall Monday but it's Fair Week and I haven't been home much to work on anything. My family runs The Griffith House and antiques division so there is work to be done. Now that the weekend is over I'll have time for hexies while I "work" but Saturday was check in day and yesterday my SIL and I cooked over an open hearth after I was gofer during judging.

As usual we were both ambitious in our menus but since I had total technology failure between both my watch and phone batteries dying and I hadn't brought a camera thinking I could take pictures with my phone, there is no documentation. I made:
Sea Pie (like a chicken pot pie and the last fresh meat men had as they went out to sea),
sausage cornbread(really this was a camping recipe but it works for the early 1800s too),
blueberry pudding (steamed in a water bath),
rye bread (nephew Ryan thinks this was for him cuz we call him Ry),
tyler tarts (coconut custard named after President Tyler, altho my other nephew thinks it's for him) and
blackberry spice cake (I know some people have asked for the recipe...hopefully tomorrow).

I never made the corn fritters or joe froggers (huge molasses and rum cookies)...it was too hot and I was wooped.

The cell phone and camera are both charged up...let's hope I have some decent pictures to share the rest of the week!


Janet O. said...

Sarah, it all sounds so good, but I can't imagine how hot that must be to cook all of that over an open hearth!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, use to something like this with the 're-enactment' days at the Old Fort museum - period clothes and hearth cooking - you felt like you had been in a pizza oven all day. But it all sounds delish!!

lillianscupboard said...

I love fairs. Anxious to see the pictures.