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Friday, December 06, 2013

Feline Friday and The REAL Studio Tour#1

Sew don't tell but Momma almost forgot TRST started today. Ackckck! For anyone that is new here, WELCOME!! Today is Feline Friday and my name is Midgie - I'll be your host today. Be sure to come back every Friday to see what my sissy, half-brother and I are up to.

Today is the first installment of  The REAL Studio Tour being hosted by Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber. Vicki was a little dismayed by the way magazines always portray studios and wondered how/if people actually work in them. They were always spotless in the magazines and didn't look the least bit used so Vicki wanted to see our real, used (really used?!) studios and planned a three week tour for December.

Now let me tell you, Momma really uses her studio and I've had to climb my way over some pretty big piles in order to beg for snackies. Recently tho she's been picking up. She knows she wasn't supposed to pick up for this tour but when she is gonna host a party in just 2 more days, she kinda had to. Don't worry tho, knowing Momma, when she gets back in to sewing (10 minutes after the party is over!) it will be messy again just in time for the final studio tour post.

Without further delay...Today's theme is a favorite non-traditional tool. Ever the indecisive, Momma had some problems with this one but I think she came up with some goodies.

This is Momma's ironing board - it's really plywood covered in batting, that silvery stuff and green duck cloth, providing a nice firm ironing surface. You can tell by how dirty it is that she uses it all the time. It's about the only place I am not allowed to sit at the cutting table cuz it stays hot. Well yeah, I know that!
You can also see Momma uses a water bottle and funnel to fill the iron so no spilling!
What is hard to see in the background are the 2 jars of candy. That girl likes her choco!
This cute birdie thing holds 10 antique thimbles. You might say that these are quilting related but not really for the way that Momma uses them. When she has to count lots of Bonnie's mysterious parts she sets one thimble on the shelf for every 10 pieces. She lays a thimble on it's side for 5 if she has to stop and feed me or something.

As some of you might just be aware, Momma likes her hexies.
Not sure what she likes more, hexies or choco. I'm serious!!
This box of micro-binder clips from the office department at WallyWorld holds her fabric to the papers and makes it easier to stitch or even stop if she has to give me more snackies.
The bigger binder clip is usually clipped to the end of a stack of fabric strips to make it easier to pull the stack away from the mysterious subcut pieces. Kinda silly to me but it makes Momma happy.

Momma's last favorite tool is kinda her library card. See the stack of audiobooks next to her stereo? She listens to books while she quilts. Something about 2 birdies with 1 stone but I haven't seen any birdies other than that birdie thing with the thimbles. Come to think of it, no stones either.

Now then, get ye over to The REAL Studio Tour and check out every else's fav non-traditional tools but then don't forget to get ye back HERE to link up your favorite felines.

Momma here - Midgie didn't mention that she and her sister are my favorite tools for keeping me company in my studio :^)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your Momma is smart - I keep my water bottle seal cap and funnel - furries have a thing for tipping water for a drink (maybe it tastes different then what's in the bowl). And I like audio books too.

elle said...

Great post! Ha,while the owners away the cats play! I have to agree that those binder clips have lots of uses. Mine holds the calender on the wall among other things. I'm resisting hexies! ;)

Janet O. said...

Midgie must like her snackies, like Momma likes her chocolate. : )

Mystic Quilter said...

Love this post, just love it - tell Midgie congratulations!!!!
I will certainly have a look at the feline link-up

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Well Midgie, you do know how much trouble you could cause by messing with those counting thimbles? I'm sure you already know about that.

Vicki W said...

Awesome post!

Carla said...

Hexies are the best!

Mary said...

I love antique thimbles too. I love the way you display your collection.

Denise :) said...

How fun! I love your cat-hosted posts ... they are so *articulate*! LOL! Great post and a terrific way to kick off the tour! :)