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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The REAL Studio Tour

I know I'm a day early for the tour but I am taking tomorrow off for my annual shopping day in the city so I'm hoping I will be able to add my link to the Tour party via my cell phone. Keep your fingers crossed.

Today's topic on the Tour is the final reveal of our studios in all their lived in glory and boy is mine lived in. LOL!

As you come in from the side porch (all (blog) friends enter from the back door, right?!) take a left from the dining room into the living room and this is the view of the studio you'll see.

Before walking into the studio look to the left and you'll see my Great Aunt Bernadine's round table with hexie parts. The bottom layer is 5 twisted hexie rosettes, topped by 12 rose stars.

To the right you'll see an old chair topped with 4 different hexie projects.

Step up to the studio door frame and this is what you would have seen about a month ago:

Told you it was lived in :)
Of course, this morning this is what it looked like:

It's the same but different. Midgie is in the same spot, Design Wall has changed but there is still stuff every where!
It's just different stuff.
Great Great Aunt Katie's laundry basket sits right outside my studio and is filled with finished tops, fabric, mending (Yuck), jeans to recycle, etc.

Next in the room is the curio cabinet that holds hexie, leader/ender and other projects either in baskets or boxes to keep them sorta organized. More baskets are on the floor.

Dad made me this sewing table. We bought the laminate for the top but then he found the drawer units on clearance some where and surprised me. The single drawer immediately to the left of my chair pulls out and houses a cutting mat but I also pull it and the regular drawer out while quilting to gain more table space with big quilts. The space behind the drawers houses plastic drawer units with my rubber stamps - haven't touched them in 5 years tho. The piles and black baskets are current projects/gifts (Yikes, only 5 days left!!). The white basket is my Celtic Solstice fabric. And Midgie is my ever present companion in the studio :)

The shelves to the left of the windows hold strip and orphan bins as well as my stereo and audiobook pile. The white drawers on the bottom shelf are empty - what a waste of space. The cardboard box is full of patterns - need to clean some of them out too.

Shelves to the right of the window hold EPP papers, quilting books (in color order!), markers and colored pencils, quilting stencils and tatting and beading books on the bottom.

The oversized design wall is always chuck full of projects or ideas. The crock still has the pile on top and who knows what is in that blue trug.

The elfa drawers were my entire studio space back when I lived in Miami and first started quilting. I had taken the doors off a closet and there was just enough room for the drawers and my old sewing machine table. I've kinda expanded since then. The top holds boxes of tatted hankies and old sewing baskets. My chain stitch machine from Vicki also sits there on the top :^) The drawers are filled by UFOs or supplies.

This is the left side of the cutting table that Dad made. Oh look there is the other crock with wrapping paper that I mentioned last week. The back left corner is a pile of patterns to try (they are from before I started pinning on The Evil Website) and EQ7 books. Then my laptop and some piles of current projects. The cupboards are full of unknown treasures and need a real deep cleaning. Under the table on this side are boxes with tops waiting to be quilted.

And of course, here is the right side of my table where you can kinda see my cutting mat and ironing board - both are covered in Celtic Solstice stuff. Under the table on this side are plastic boxes with my FQs sorted by color and a big bag of selvages. The top drawer is misc rulers and the other 2 drawers are full of neutral colored FQs. Oh check it out - I forgot this other non-quilting tool. Based on the way Dad made the table top, I can hang groups of blocks on the side of the drawer unit using pants hangers.

And one final view of my studio via the Christmas Balls hanging in the window. I hope y'all enjoyed the tour of my REAL life, lived in studio. Merry Christmas and I hope y'all will stop back soon!


Janet O. said...

It is very fun to see other people's working conditions.
Sounds to me like people approaching your studio get "hexed". Sorry--couldn't resist.
You have a nice sized studio--makes me think of a saying, which I will paraphrase here. "Quilting expands to fill the space allotted to it!"

Linda said...

I certainly enjoyed your tour. Very detailed.

tubakk said...

Nice! So many details to study. I have to come back tomorrow.

margaret said...

I think there is a lot of envious stitchers viewing your work space, you are a lucky girl so much room and you know where everything is! I spend more time looking for things than doing things. We can now picture you stitching in your room

Karen H said...

I don't know about the lived in part but it certainly appears that it is worked in! What a great sewing space you have! And it looks like the cats also approve of the space! Plenty of room for everyone and everything! Thanks for sharing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonderful tour of your space - thank you for inviting us to visit and see how you create!

LA Paylor said...

that was fun! Love the bonus pic at the end, very inventive!
Leeanna Paylor

Vicki W said...

That little chain stitch machine has found a very happy home indeed! You have an awesome Dad. Those tables are fantastic!