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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The last Birthday Party Post

I promise these are the last party pictures.

I neglected to get a prettier picture of the purple hexie sugar cubes so this will have to do. I made this dark purple batch and with the dark sugar that didn't fit in the mold, I added a little more sugar and a tiny bit more purple to get a light purple hexie as well. Each cube is about 1 teaspoon which is equal to 2 cubes bought in the grocery store.

This picture shows Michele on the left who is relatively new to quilting - she must have been concentrating because I can see her tongue in her cheek. LOL. In the back is Morgan who is new to quilting also and it was the first time using her new (purple!) sewing machine. Morgan is the daughter of The Quilter's Daughter owner Claudia, standing to her left. Cathy in the middle and Nadine in the back at the ironing board are both "old hands" who helped the newbies immensely.

To the right is another newbie, Kim, who had borrowed her mother's sewing machine for the day. She had such fun she made two more blocks the day after the party. I don't think her mom is getting her machine back anytime soon! Hey look - I finally got Nadine's face in a picture!

And this is the design that I am going to make with my blocks. I designed it before my copy of Ring Around the Hexies arrived so it is similar - I changed the main block and the borders (ok, I think I changed the borders...can't find a pic of the whole quilt online). I really don't completely understand copyright so I hope this was enough of a change to declare it my own design and post it online. I haven't picked a pieced hexie design yet for the rosettes but it will probably be something from the new book! 

Don't hold your breath on when I will finish this - Just 2 seconds ago I decided it would be fun to take to retreat next month but I am not sure what else I'll be bringing. Y'all know I'll get bored if I only work on 1 project. I suppose I could work on the project I started last year at retreat and you know there will be hexies also :)

Ackckck - I almost forgot - today is the very last day to enter both of my giveaways. You'll need to go back to this post and enter either the Hexie Linky Party or the Feline Friday Linky Party in order to be eligible for prizes. Good Luck!!!


Janet O. said...

Wow, those are pretty intense sugar cubes! What do they do to a cup of tea? : )
Looks like such a fun party!
Your quilt design is gorgeous! I love the blocks your friends made for you--and with the hexies added in--what a great birthday quilt!

Denise :) said...

I love the sugar cubes! And yes, Todd was right -- the mold *is* now on my wish list! I mean, c'mon! I bet one cube, plopped into a cup of carrot curry tea would make for an interesting color combo . . . !!!! :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Such fun!!! I'm sure everyone was delighted with their purple hexie sugar cubes - who wouldn't be? I looks like a great time was had by all :)

Animated_Librarian said...

I was wondering what program you are using to design the quilt? I have a design in mind but have not bought a program yet.