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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Thursday Mashup


Because what "they" say you do on New Years Day is what you will do all year, I tried to do as much sewing as possible and as little housework as possible. LOL! I am not counting the 2 rescue calls as what I will be doing all year - we know I will but I am in denial, especially given the nature of these 2 particular calls.

I spent a good share of the day working on Celtic Solstice but I'll save that to share on linky Monday.

I did finish up one twisted hexie rosette...This freed up enough half hexie papers to make 3 more of the smaller units.

I think some of you enjoy the photo-bombed shots.

I also finished one Salt & Pepper hexagon. These travel to work easily in my new-to-me tin.

Remember how I just said Tuesday morning that I don't really set goals cuz I am not great at follow thru? And you probably know me well enough to know that I rarely follow thru on BOM projects either. Except when I found this one Tuesday evening I just knew I had to try it out. It's worth a shot, right??!! Basically, Julia is going to post a hexie BOM of the month on the first of each month. She posted a lacy star for January and I decided to do mine in 4 blue-gray fabrics - which I brought to work on during lunch. That means I best finish up this post so I can get to basting. Hopefully I'll have a picture for next week.

Oh and just because I haven't seen this temp in a long time...not sure what the wind chill is but it's supposed to be really low tomorrow. Hopefully Z had the smarts to snuggle into his kitty casa since it's also snowing like the dickens. It's gorgeous but I just can't keep the sidewalk at work cleared. Maybe we should all just go home early today =^..^=


Janet O. said...

Really, Sarah, I think you will be doing hexies all year, regardless of what else you may have done on New Year's Day!
Yes, love the photo bombing! : )
Looks like you are enjoying (?) some frigid weather!!

Denise :) said...

Haha!! Janet has you *pegged*!! Photo bombing is the bomb.com! Especially when the bombers are furry, purry felines!! Hope Z has found a warm spot with all these frigid temps!!! :)

margaret said...

you have such a variety of hexies, do you have an amazing book with all these shapes etc in or is it all in your mighty brain I always feel overawed when I see what you have done and dram of doing some myself one day

Karen H said...

Happy New Year Sarah! You know I just love your Salt & Pepper blocks - they are gorgeous! Heck, all of the hexie blocks are gorgeous!

Angie in SoCal said...

Brrr - that is beyond cold, that's frozen! I am such a wimp - I'm cold at 70, but that's what comes of being an island girl transported to the states. Love those twisted hexie rosettes!! Come see what we found for Hexie Weekend.

Kathleen said...

I'd like to read your blog, but your color choices do not work for my aging eyes, even when I make it larger.