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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baskets Galore!

Look Ma - no hexies!
Janet - you're gonna like this one!

This is probably the last sorta-retreat related post. One of the projects I continued to work on was my 4" basket blocks. Some were made as leader-enders and some were just an easy sewing fix to keep me sane. I'm so easy to please.

You can see the blue unfinished block is on my little design board. It's just a small clip board with  a piece of batting that has been attached at the bottom with that elastic stuff that ties new shoes together. High class!

When the blue one is finished I will have 59 baskets.

Maybe this view is a little more impressive? I now need a bigger box to store them in!

Ok - here is where I need your help...
(1) My goal with the baskets has always been to make a bed quilt in either of these styles. But do you like the vertical or horizontal zigzags better? Try to discount the pink and green alternating zigzags cuz mine will just be one color.
(2) A lot of you know that I can't stand pink - what color should I use for my zigzags? Solid or patterned? I have really used *every* color of the rainbow in the blocks so any color would really work, it's just that I tend towards the same colors given the choice.  You probably do the same. I'm just looking for random suggestions. I thought about using a neutral for the zigzags but I don't think they would show up since the blocks are neutrals as well.
(3) Anyone have a good way to draw this up in EQ7? I have tried an onpoint setting but it just doesn't look quite right yet and I have yet to get the zig zag sections drawn the way they will be sewn (they draw as half triangles instead of full triangles. I'm sorry I left that graphic at home...

As always - your thoughts and opinions are appreciated :)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I know the pink is the color of the era with the horizontal setting. Not sure I like the vertical as it takes away from the baskets. How about a brown print - one of Howard Marcus either from the 'Love' colletion or from the 'Historical Blenders'?

Janet O. said...

*LOL* When I read your title my first thought was, "What, no hexies?"
You are right--I love this! But then I also love your hexies--as long as I am not the one making them. : )
I do like the zig zag setting and brown is probably a good choice (I'd be tempted to go with black, but I'm always tempted to go with black). Either setting is going to make a great quilt from these cute baskets, Sarah!

Chantal said...

Hi Sarah
I love the horizontal setting. I see your backgrounds have patterns on them. You will most likely need a "quieter fabric for the zig zags. Choose your favorite color - it does not matter if you have picked it before - it's your quilt so use what you like. Something in a marble, or a small dot i.e. something which reads solid. Maybe even a solid! So there if my five cents worth. Hope you're having a great day.

Frances said...

First thought - scrappy neutrals.
Second thought - stay clear of solids
Third thought - something clever with stripes ....?
Fourth thought - visit Pinterest for more ideas

Donna said...

I like the horizontal zig zags and am thinking either a solid or a fabric reading solid in black or navy to make the baskets pop. And, those are my thoughts for today! lol

margaret said...

feel the vertical distracts from the baskets but that might be because it is such a dominate colour.Feel a paler colour would be better unless of course you want the zig zags to stand out

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I like the vertical layout when I'm able to disregard the colors. The dark green is really distracting to me - it's all I see!

I think I have to lay out a sampling of blocks and try some colors in a light/medium value. Start with your favorite color(s).