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Monday, February 24, 2014

Design Wall Monday

It was a hexie weekend!!
I spent Saturday teaching a quilting 101 class and half of Sunday rearranging boxes and stuff to fit in my brother's old bedroom set but he got called in to work because of the weather. Oh well. I spent the rest of Sunday watching Firefly on DVD and working on various hexie projects :)

I am finally working on my February hexie BOM (1") project and with just a few days to spare. Yikes. This pink fabric has chocolates on it. I will need twice as many hexies to finish the heart.

I was also gifted some of the purple fabric towards the denim pillow I am making with my birthday hexies (.75") from hexie club. I need to lay out the purple hexies I have so I can decide how many more to make.

I also finished these twisted hexies over the last week.

This morning I had some company to work on them as well!! Within touching distance and no growling. Whoo Hoo!  =^..^=

For all I've talked about not starting something new before the twisted hexies are done, class samples don't count. That's what this next bundle is - a project for hexie club. I'm thinking I'll use 1.5" hexies (can you see the clear template?) but haven't really decided just yet. I only know it will be a small project, just a table runner or topper.


Janet O. said...

Hexed! Definitely hexed!! : )

tubakk said...

So happy to see that you too are totally hexed. I love that. But today I started something new, not hexies.

A Nudge said...

What a lot of hexie fun you had! Lucky duckies that can go to your Hexie club.

margaret said...

after scratching my head a few times I worked out your twisted hexies and they are now on my to do list. Love the colours for your heart, will look forward to seeing it finished and on the blog

Karen H said...

Your fabrics for the sample are great. I love directional prints for hexies; you can do so much with them to make new and interesting patterns!