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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Bibliophile Files

Hello All - I hope by now you are familiar with the reading challenges I am doing this year.

If not, I hope you'll pop by the tab up above and catch up.

I also hope you'll link up a post of what you read last month. Remember that you must link to a specific post instead of your blog in general but also remember that you could have read a novel, quilt magazine or cereal box!

July was a really good month for me thanks to 10 days of vacation. I'm now 58% finished with my challenge with 2 more books very close to being finished!! No, I don't remember every word of what I read this month (nor any other month of any other year) but I enjoyed each story as I listened or read it :-)

Fat Tuesday (7/5/14)
Man in the Brown Suit (7/6/14)
*A Wilder Rose (7/9/14)
Unnatural Acts (7/10/14)
Predator (7/12/14)
Green Eyed Lady (7/13/14)
*Unhinged (7/14/14)
Endangered Species (7/15/14) - this is the second book I've read in this series. The main character rotates working at national parks around the country which is a good way to keep a series alive. Can't wait to read more.
Yellow Raft in Blue Water (7/17/14) - this was one of my favorites for the month. The (almost-same) story is told from the view point of three female generations of the family, each of which knows different or more parts to it. I love stories told in this manner.
Fourth of July (7/18/14)
*Haunting of Josie (7/18/14)
Bone Deep (7/20/14) - I don't think I've read a book in this series that I haven't loved. And now I have to wait for the next one...
Under the Dome (7/28/14) - this audiobook is not for the faint hearted - it was 30 CDs! A good story altho a little goosey at the end. I had heard the original titles for Steven Kings 2 original works that became Under the Dome and had a different idea of what would happen. If you ignore the previous titles you won't expect anything. I'll add that I kept thinking Lord of the Flies as I was reading this.
N is for Noose (8/1/14)

Currently on my night stand and stereo: Assault & Pepper, Death Angel

Alright - I'm excited to read what you've been reading!!


Chantal said...

Wow, you got through a bunch of novels. Well done!

Denise :) said...

I meant to do a post, but didn't. I have been reading a LOT lately. I'm really enjoying the kindle lending library! I do love a good Stephen King novel . . . !! :)