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Monday, August 25, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 8/25/14

After a second and final camping trip for the year, I am resigned to stay-cations for the rest of the year. Boo hoo! I will definitely miss my usual third camping trip but it just didn't work out for the year.

This was just a quickie 4 day trip to meet the rest of the family who was camping for 10 days. The weather was ok, except for the lightening strike the first night I was there. I had "pushed" the rain all the way to the mountains and it finally poured just before I got there.

A couple hours later, it was raining again while we were fixing dinner. We saw a tremendously bright flash of light and within just a second the loudest boom of thunder I have ever heard. We assumed lightening had struck a tree - we just didn't realize how close! I'll start by telling you no people were hurt altho the guy tossed across his campsite (who started laughing wildly cuz he was happy to be alive) was taken to the hospital for observation.

Just 3 or 4 sites away, lightening had struck 2 trees at the same time. The short tree was obliterated, leaving a crater in front of their car which had blown a rear tire. The car starts but the engine smokes so they had it towed. The taller tree was split in half with half just blown to bits and the other half still standing but cracked.

There was also a pickup on the same site. One of the hubcaps was blown off but even tho there was no other sign of damage it won't start so they had the truck towed too. Unfortunately, the strike also blew the electric to the 2 closest bathrooms. It was a little dark if we forgot to bring our flashlights...

So...everything else after that was just ordinary and exactly what we wanted!

I was able to finish this rose star block - if you recall I had the brown and blue pentagon shapes basted after my July vacation but needed more of the kite papers. This was a quick finish.

I also was able to finish this Value Proposition block - I think I had just started round 2 before vacation. It's amazing how much better this looks than I even imagined!
I was also able to start this Value block - I think it's #7 while the one I finished was #8. Oh well. My nephews always want to see what I'm working on - they gave this block a partial thumb up because it's pink and not purple. I have trained them well to know my fav color :)

I suppose I should have taken pictures of my new fabric...

I finally decided I'll use red and white/cream fabrics for my Bonnie Hunter class in 26 days 6 hours 47 minutes and 21 seconds. I stopped at a new-to-me store in Rome which also got me out of the detour on the highway. Double Bonus. I also shopped at the store that is just about 6 miles from our camp ground. It's amazing what different items you notice when you have a different shopping list. I don't think I saw either of the reds I bought when I was looking for batiks in July.


Janet O. said...

Your paper piecing is always great, Sarah.
Pictures of new fabric would have been good--but I wanted photos of the lightening damage! : )
That was amazing that no one was really hurt. I have been on a mountain top when an electrical storm hit. I have felt the current of a lightening strike that was so close it scared us to death! Never forget that!

Karen Rowland said...

Love your paper piecing projects. Envious tat you're going to a Bonnie Hunter class!!

Michelle said...

Love your blocks.......
That was a very close call......!!

margaret said...

the storm sounds horrendous, so lucky no one was killed and only one had to go to hospital.
as usual your EPP is lovely, such a variety of fabrics here along with fussy cutting

Chantal said...

Hi Sarah! Well it sure sounds like you had a few camping adventures. Glad you were safe. Congrats on all the lovely stitching. All beautiful.

Karen H said...

What a scary thing that happened! Sure glad that everyone was okay. Your hexagons are terrific and I especially love your VP block. I got goose bumps when I saw it! Those stripes are so exciting. Well done you!