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Friday, April 01, 2016

Feline Friday - 4/1/16

Hey Ho!!
Zorro and Squeaky here!
We thought we should introduce our cousins which Momma got to visit in Baltimore last weekend...

Dix almost immediately sat on GrandPoppa's lap - he is allergic you know?!

Zorro - This is Dixie Doodle. She also goes by Dix, Dixie Do or Lush. I think she's beauteous!

Dixie Do is a Turkish Van that was adopted from a shelter and only later discovered who her forecats were. Van's are mostly white with color on their heads and tails. They also like water - just not Dixie Do.

Dix  likes to go outside like my brother but her long fur gets very matted so her momma takes her to the V.E.T. every summer to get a lion cut. Can you imagine? I'll be good Momma, and stay out of the burdock, just don't shave me down...Please!!!

Squeaky - This is Rasputin. He goes by Raspy. SWOON!

Raspy gets to sleep in this doggy bed cuz he is so big.

Raspy is a big manly cat - he's very tall and long but he also has arthritis so he can be a bit cranky. He took a bit to warm up but then he really liked Momma and let her pet him and he even sat next to her on the couch like I do. I guess he doesn't like kids and it took him a while to decide that Momma isn't just any kid...

Raspy is very gently for his size. He shakes paws before gently taking a treat from your hand with his big mouth. Maybe he can come to NY and teach me how to shake... Double SWOON!

Have you visited your cousins lately?


Frances said...

Great to see your pals. Suzi says 'you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family '.

Janet O. said...

Dix looks like a beautiful cat. Can't imagine her shaved!
Wow, you can see Rasputin's manliness (male catliness?) in his face. Love the shot of him in his dog bed.
Do you think he could teach Zorro some manners.

margaret said...

wow the turkish van is so very beautiful we used to have a ginger and white cat that the vet thought was one but not sure if she was right that was also a rescue cat. unfortunately she got killed on the road by a speeding driver but have a painting of her done by an artist from photos. Wonder if yours is deaf as they say most white cats are, Raspy sounds a c;ever cat wonderful pets