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Monday, April 04, 2016

Feline Monday -

Yipp - Zorro here again!

Yipp! It snowed this weekend!
Can you find me?

Momma was really sick all weekend so I told her to take this week off from blogging. She finally caved and will do a double Bibliophile Files next month. She knows she was lazy last week about sharing her trip to Baltimore, MD and Intercourse, PA but I told her I would still love her if she didn't blog again this week.

Don't worry Momma -
I'll hold your hexie i-spy blocks in place until you feel better!

Can you believe she didn't even bring hexies to sew during lunch today? Told you she was sick!!! Except I think I heard her mumble something about being "bored".

Momma - I can't hardly see Toby's house! Do you think he's ok?

Momma was so sick I had to sit on her lap 4 times this weekend - FOUR! - Momma says that make 6 times in the 2.5 years I have been an introoder. I say she just isn't counting all those nights I sleep with her and she doesn't know it...

Gotta go take a nap - see y'all later!


Janet O. said...

Wow, no hexies--you must really have been sick!! Sorry about that. But you have Zorro there to keep watch and protect your projects. Hope you are on the mend!!

margaret said...

do hope you are feeling better now. I am sure Zorro has been taking care of you

Chantal said...

Oh goodness, you and me both. I have the flu. My kitties are looking after me. So glad Zorro has upped the ante and is taking good care of you. Feel better.