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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vacation shopping

Part of the fun of a vacation is shopping. Now I'm not much of a shopper but put me in a grocery, antique or quilt store and I'm a dedicated shopper! Having not been to any quilt stores in Baltimore, or Maryland for that matter, I asked Dad if we could go to one while visiting my uncle. Even better - he came back with 2 or 3 stores in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Amish/Mennonite country!! Woohoo.

When counting hexie fabrics for yesterday's post I forgot to
count the 2 on the right side of this picture. 

Our first stop was by accident - we were driving through Bird-in-Hand towards Intercourse when we drove by Log Cabin Quilts so we did a quick u-turn and found a cute little store. It carried fabric, finished quilts and other things like candles and a few home goods. You know I tuned right in to the new hexie fabrics!

Sampler box of jams and jellies picked from probably 20 options.
I thought this would be fun for a tea party.
The chapsticks are ok - I probably wouldn't buy them again, esp at that price.
The peach amaretto pecan honey butter is delish on crackers. Just 2 is a sweet treat.

Once we got to Intercourse we started at Kitchen Kettle Village - OMG, all the samples! We barely needed lunch. There were jams & jellies, salsa, pickles, relish, dips and desserts. And you have to try EVERYthing (sometimes you need to try it more than once) to make up your mind what to buy!

Also in the "Village" of tiny stores was a little garden shop. I REALLY wanted the yellow rhododendron but couldn't cough up the funds (I have a someday vision of a completely yellow and purple garden) so I settled for this sweet little lavender plant.

Moda is celebrating their 40th anniversary with this cool "selvage" fabric.
Oh! Gee! More hexie fabric! I'm surprised!

These three batiks (2 were on sale!!) are for my pieced hexie sampler.
These are 2 of the 5 constant fabrics. The other 2 are purples.
The carved wooden bird is for my Christmas bird tree.
In another 30 years I'll have enough bird ornaments to cover the whole tree.
Next up was The old Country Store which carried books, clothes, some food, quilts, jewelry and lotsa fabric. It was a nice mix.

Next up we swung over to Hinkletown Bernina to buy a ruler foot. This was kind of a birthday gift since I haven't been able to buy what Mom gave me money for -she then told me to buy whatever I wanted. I guess that makes the rest of it a gift to myself! 

Just today I booked one of my summer camping vacations which means I have to drive thru Syracuse which means I can make a pit stop at AQS Syracuse. What a co-inky-dink! I'm SURE  they will have quilting rulers to buy!

Last stop of the day was an antique mall. Lots of pretty things with pretty high price tags. This little watercolor beauty was just $3! Now I need to find a wall to hang it on where it's not overwhelmed by too much wall space.

Not a bad haul for a non-shopper, huh?!


Ruth said...

Your shopping is like my shopping except that I add in yarn shops. The Hubz loves consignment shops and we both love antique malls. I feel a need to go to Lancaster County now.

Janet O. said...

I'd say you did a darn good job of shopping! And it looks like it was fun. I don't consider myself a "shopper", but I enjoy thrift stores, antique stores, quilt shops, and unique gift shops. Let's just say I don't like shopping for necessities. : )

margaret said...

some good buys you have thee, loving the cat picture she will feel very much at home with your cats. I hate shopping except fabric stores and antique places but they are few around here. Wondering what foot you have there, I am seriously considering the spring loaded open toed embroidery foot for my bernina think it will be so much easier than the closed quilting one I have as cannot see where I am going no not the alcohol.

Jo said...

I think you have done a great days shopping. Lots of goodies to play with...