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Monday, May 02, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 5/2/16

I was able to go on my F.A.R.T.** this weekend and it was partially successful.

I went to the not-so-LQS in search of new hexie fabrics. I needed 5 but found nearly a dozen so I had to make tough choices. And yeah, I chose the pink over a brown. Highly unlike me but I wanted bright colors, even if it is pink.

I did get a half yard of another hexie fabric (matches the one in the middle below) that would make a cute backing for a small quilt.

I'm pretty sure this will be the only tractor in my iSpy quilt :) The big question will be red or green. The answer will be which can I fussy cut the easiest or cleanest.

It's kinda hard to tell but the daisy's have white hexies in the background.

Full Disclosure - other fabrics were purchased but were too shy to be photographed.
In other words, I forgot...

I had also been looking for the stick-on thimble pads which they didn't have at the time. Maybe I can try superglue for the next week or so until I'll be near another store...

The rest of the weekend, (other than a fire, a rescue call and cleaning & cooking for Mom's Birthday dinner) was spent working on various hexie projects. OK, fine, I guess I didn't need to explain that. I'm *always* working on hexies!

I'm working on putting together a pieced hexie project of my own design and it's almost finished!! This project was stalled for a long time since it had no purpose or direction. As soon as I found a purpose it's just flying together as fast as my punctured little fingers can stitch. LOL.

I'm currently working on these modified "rototiller" blocks, making four strips of four. I've got 5 more to baste and then I'll be able to design the corner bits. I would love to share a full picture with you - and I promise I will in a few weeks - but I need to keep some surprises for my upcoming trunk show!

That's it for today. Anyone else working on a pieced hexie design of their own?

** Fabric Acquisition Road Trip


Julierose said...

Love those purple/gold ones! Have you tried Amazon for those finger stickies??? I could definitely see those hexies in the background--how cute is that....;--))) hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Cute fabrics - they had to come home with you. I sometimes use the little circle bandaids when in a pinch. I keep a box in my travel kit when I demo (incase someone pokes a finger) for easy thimbles for those who want to give handquilting a try.

Janet O. said...

Wow, over a dozen hexie fabrics from which to choose? I'd say that was a very successful road trip!
Oh, really--you worked on hexie projects over the weekend. Now there is front page news!! *LOL*
I do love those purple and gold hexies, too. : )

margaret said...

it amazes me all the hexie fabrics you find a lovely collection you have shared today. Your project looks interesting hope to see it completed soon to satisfy my curiousity

Jo said...

Haha. Like the F.A.R.T. Description... I saw that HEXIES fabric (the middle one) in two colours on our bus tour the other day.
When I run out of those Thimble its... I use nurses tape on the end of my finger...

Denise :) said...

Full Disclosure ... I forgot. LOL! Hey, those pieced hexies, what do you do to make sure you baste them all exactly the same? Also, I'm pretty sure there are at least two folks for whom I owe houses (and I'm pretty sure I'm still owed some chrysanthemums?) but I'm not sure who! Who were the last few gals to make their choices and I'll get those whipped up and to you pronto!! :)