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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Bibliophile Files - 5/2/16

Hello and welcome to The Bibliophile Files!!

You will probably recall that I didn't get to post TBF last month so these 15 books represent a two month haul. Not too bad but not great either. Goodreads says I'm 4 books behind schedule to hit my annual goal but with several driving vacations scheduled in the next 4 months that should be easy to catch up on.

I'm also hoping that as the weather continues to improve (How can I joyously walk in a blizzard but not a measly rainstorm? I could see my breath this morning!) I will get in more steps and more books.

     Language of Bees
     Spare Change
     Black River 
     Weeping - This was touted as book #1 in a series but 12 years later there is still no #2. Too bad because this was a good premise for a series.
     Orphan Train - such a sad tale based on the real orphan trains which I had known nothing about.
     Angela's Ashes - I didn't know until the audiobook finished that this was an abridged version. I always wonder what was left out - and in this case - how the book got it's name. No mention of ashes in the entire audiobook.
     Shadow Play
     Little Giant of Aberdeen County - horribly slow start but I'm glad I stuck it out as the end was quite interesting.
     Dance of the Bones
     Lost Empire
     Burial Rites - based on the true story of a woman forced to work on a family farm waiting to have her head chopped off as punishment for murder.
     Blood Lure - I love this series - each book takes place in a different national park.
     The Scarpetta Factor - when did Kay Scarpetta get so jaded? I love this series but she just seemed mean and nasty in this book.
     Garment of Shadows
     Outlaw Mountain

     on my iPhone - Book of the Dead
     on my stereo - Day of the Dead
Funny they both have similar titles...

And now it's your turn...what have you read in the last 2 months?
Anything is fair game: novels, magazines, new quilt books or even cereal boxes.


Jo said...

My reply about the tape wouldn't go through. I just layered the paper tape enough then wrapped around my finger so it wouldn't fall off. Good luck.

Denise :) said...

The Little House on the Prairie series (nine books) was FINALLY released on Kindle and I powered through ALL of them while we were on vacay last month. The library had them all! I was so excited! So we'd be out on the water and I'd finish one and need to check out the next. I'd get on my phone and go to DMZ and check out the book, then set my phone up as a hotspot so I could connect to the wifi with my kindle and download the book! LOL! I've learned how to get what I want when I want it! Also, the latest from Karen Kingsbury released in April -- the library has gotten the audio version but not the ebook version yet. UGH!! :)

ps...you can also read while you come visit me at the camp. ;)