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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Workin' Wednesday

Yesterday I got the tire tube replaced on my poor little wheelbarrow so I could start the dreaded weeding process here at Casa Grande.

This garden is directly behind my driveway...
If the taillights light up the reflector I know I'm backing in straight :)

I started with my favorite flowerbed - the peony garden. It's my fav not just because it has peonies (duh!) but it always has the least number of weeds of all the flower beds even tho they all get equal attention. Apparently the Bessy's Best I put in this bed only targets plants and not weeds. Yeah right!

Looks like 9 buds, which is 5 more than last year!

There are 4 peony plants in this garden - one of which is very new and hasn't popped up yet so I'm not sure if it made it through the (mild!) winter. There are several shades of pink and a very pretty double white.

Can't remember what this is called but it's a pretty purple.
It spreads pretty easy so I am always pulling up sprouts in other parts of the garden or lawn.

There are also 2 clematis plants and it looks like the white one already has several buds which is several more than last year :) The yellow clematis in the back sprouts new growth on the old growth so it always looks a little ratty but the yellow bell-shaped flowers are pretty so I'll take what I can while I work towards my purple/yellow/white color scheme for all the flowerbeds. 

Once the weeding is done in this bed I can add another dark pink peony and lemon drops - both were purchased from the local garden club sale.

After the sun sets, I've been working on The Bathroom Quilt. Just 2 more rows on the right to have it match the left, then the bottom diamond and eventually I'll fill in the corners to square this off. The pieced border will emulate the original tile border in my office bathroom using seminole piecing and that can take a lot of fabric. I might have to adjust the fabrics/colors...


Missy Shay said...

I need to start the weeding process here but first I need to get caught up on my bee blocks.

Denise :) said...

You know, that's the one great thing about living where I live . . . there's not a whole lot of weeding that needs to be done! I'll bet that dark pink peony is gorgeous! Lemon drops though...I'll have to look those up!! :)

margaret said...

how stupid am I, I have a barrow but drag the large wheelie bin around when weeding, will now use the barrow and take it to the bin!!! I often wonder why weeds grow so much quicker than the flowers, here I am haunted by sticky willie well that`s what we call it, it spreads so fast but pulls out without digging fortunately. when I moved her I had a peony in the front but it died a couple of years ago the flowers were glorious on it but did not last long as you could guarantee the wind would blow them off.