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Monday, May 08, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 5/8/17

Prepare theyselves, my friends - I sewed on a sewing machine!!!! LOL

I thought I had leaned towards finishing my twisted hexies quilt next but, NOPE, I've leaned towards the chrysanthemums. Most of these were gifted to me as part of our birthday swap at Hexie Club. Each year we pick a different paper shape and each participant picks a fabric style or color. Two years ago we did the chrysanthemums and I wanted black and white fabrics. I'm pairing them with shot cottons and I just love the contrast.

This is the design I spotted online.

And this is my preliminary EQ7 layout. I really just needed to gauge size and how many blocks I would need. I'm sure I'll make several changes as I move along but it's a start...

Sorry! Not in focus...but it does show the variety of B&W fabrics

This weekend I machine appliqued 18 rosettes to the back ground squares. I was worried that I would need to use something to stabilize the shot cottons so the first one was stabilized with a phone book page. I tried the next rosette with nothing and it came out the same - no shrinkage or puckering. It probably helped that the rosette was already pretty stable since it's 2 layers and I spray basted it in place. Thank God, 'cuz it took forever to pull the tiny paper bits out of the blanket stitch I used.

The colors are fairly accurate, just remember they are shot cottons so there is some
 color variation depending on what angle you are looking at the fabric with.

I've used all the chrysanthemums gifted to me so far and I've got enough of my own B&W fabrics to make 3 more rosettes. If I stick with the above design idea, I'll still need to make 2 more. Dang - I might need a shopping trip. LOL.


Janet O. said...

I've had to read this through three times to get over the shock of you using a sewing machine!!
So how large are the blocks and what size quilt are you making--or did I miss that info in one of my three read-throughs?

Chantal said...

Ooh, I love the layout. Beautiful colors - they work so well together.

margaret said...

looks so good interesting that you machined the hexies to the background and did not hand stitch them

Jo said...

I'm sure you will manage something