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Friday, May 19, 2017

Feline Friday - 5/19/17

Can all y'all tell Momma not to worry so much?


She even came home at lunch to check on me yesterday. I wasn't eating cuz it was hot. I chose to stay inside cuz it was hot and I had to sleep off an all night bender. It had nothing to do with falling.

I did, however, do the obligatory bath to cover up my embarrassment from falling. I felt much better after my bath.

Heck, It's not like I haven't rolled off the bed before.
And the dining room table.
And the couch.
And the ottoman.
And the counter.

I've even rolled off the top of the stairs 3 or 4 other times. So what's the diff if I did it again??!! She had just gotten out of the shower and heard me land 15 steps below. Then she started yelling my name - not even my nickname but my REAL name. I knew I was in trouble then. She's told me not to sleep at the top of the stairs but I was tired from partying all night and just couldn't. go. any. further.

After I fell, she came running down the stairs, still wet, in just a towel to cover her lady parts. I guess she  wanted to make sure I was taking my bath but why did she have to check me all over?

Geesh! I'm fine Mom - you can stop checking on me now!


Janet O. said...

Sounds like Z feels a tad smothered--but who wouldn't worry? That looks like a long, steep staircase. Hope all is well and that he just needs some down time to recuperate.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Am so happy to know I am not alone in caring for a cat. Callie Mae has me driving all over town during rush hour traffic to purchase a special blend of cat food. Falling down those stairs--yikes! That was one scary fall. Like your Z, she is now peacefully sleeping.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Mamma needs to put a bead-board finish to that railing so no more falls, sweet Z, hope you are better and stop scaring your poor Mom. My Bella did that as a kitten from my top landing down thru to the main hall. She rested for three days - and has never done that again!