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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Bibliophile Files - 5/1/18

Hello and Welcome to the latest edition of the Bibliophile Files - my monthly book report. I'm 15 books in to a 90 book goal for the year. The weather is nice and Mr Cranky Ankle was recently cleared for walking/hiking so I am looking forward to some serious time with my iPhone audiobooks.

If you are interested in free young adult (YA) audio books, feel free to head over to http://audiobooksync.com and sign up for their email list. Every Thursday, starting last week and for the next 13 weeks, 2 books will be available on their website to download. Once you download them they are yours to keep for as long as you like. These books are rarely in my normal genres but I have enjoyed quite a few of them the last 2 summers.

On a silly note, I couldn't resist sharing this website on creating your own ominious mystery title based on your birthday. My book would be The Stranger at the Abandoned Theme Park. What's your title????

Back to business...

     A dog's Purpose - a dog is reincarnated several times, learning new skills in each life until all the skills come together to save his owner's life. I understand that this is kind of a series so I might look more into some of the other books. Eventually. I need some of my normal police procedurals and blood & guts first.
     The Neighbor - kinda disappointing. I'll be honest, it was just 1 CD and it was so short, just a prequal really, that I spent the whole time lost. Maybe we were supposed to read the actual book before the prequal?
     They both die at the end - No idea where I heard of this book as it's also not my norm but it was a fun look into the future where you are called between midnight and 3 am on the day of your death to be warned. You then have many opportunities to live it up one last time, including making your last friend. It was a light hearted and enjoyable read.
     Read It & Weep
     The Rooster Bar - ok so I was mad at the predicament these "kids" were put in to but I think they made the best of a really bad situation. Was it really legal, not even close but they worked hard for/at it!

     on my iPhone: The Alphabet House
     on my home/car stereo: The promise Girls

And now it's your turn? What books have you read in the last month? Almost anything counts: novels, magazines, quilt patterns and even cereal boxes.

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