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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #53 - 5/23/18

In the beginning of the project it felt like sooooooo much orange
and now it really reads blue to me with just a smidge of orange.
Funny how colors "change"

At long last...here is my temperature quilt in one piece!! Woot!! Woot!!

You can see the 4 blank squares on the bottom right --- That's where I'm going to put the quilt label.

My original idea was to have a sample of each color with the coldest temp/white a circle at the bottom of the scale to make it look like a thermometer. That was all well and good until I realized the white wouldn't show against the very light background square I had already sewn in to place. Oh sure I could have switched out the background fabric but it was just as easy to change the white fabric into a rectangle like all the other fabrics.

Next I'll frame it with a dark, contrasting fabric. The frame will separate these colors from the background but I can also embroider details on it. And that means I need to decide specifically what I'm embroidering before I add the frame. At a minimum, I am marking the color scale with the temperature ranges. I am also considering putting the number of days in each temp/color. This would "help" when comparing one weather year to the next.

I'm not planning on putting a border on this quilt so once I finalize the thermometer it will be time to sandwich this baby! We have a three day holiday weekend coming up which is now calling for rain every day. I've got a trip to the city planned but that leaves me lotsa time to sandwich the quilt with this fun birdhouse fabric I picked up in Syracuse. Are the colors a perfect match? Nope but I like it just the same. I do believe the binding will be a mix of colors used in the hexies.

As far as quilting...I am planning on doing ruler quilting in each rosette and that means I need to pick a design pretty soon so I can order the ruler. Oh so many decisions...

It's been weird not making a hexie every day so I'm excited to start working on the next project starting 6/1. In the meantime, my weather for the last week was 71 - 76 - 73 - 65- -61 - 70 - 67F.


Pamela said...

It turned out so beautiful!

Vireya said...

Oh, wow, o wow, oh wow!!!

So fantastic to see it all together. I did a quick colour count of my own the other day, and found that as I suspected, we have far more aqua days than anything else. It is because our winter temperatures are so stable, and the rest of the year is all over the place. But I never would have guessed that before doing this project.

Janet O. said...

This is so fun, Sarah. Love the label idea, and I think the birdhouses make a great back!

Jo said...

It looks great and I love the bird house backing. The thermometer was a great idea but you need to do what works with your idea. Nearly to the quilting stage.

hetty said...

Wow! That looks amazing.