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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday Weather Report #51 - 5/10/18

It was a good conference yesterday - the last one for the season. Of course I had my hexies with me, completing 16 jewel hearts, in addition to the 17 completed at the last conference. I still need to make a bazillion more but it was nice to make some progress..

This is the view from my bed. LOL.

The weather has been amazing lately. I can only guess that the delayed spring weather is the reason for my pear tree to finally bloom 100%. I've probably had the tree 10 years and blooms have been spotty at best.

Just Sunday I was noticing the buds starting to form and yet 3 days later it was completely in bloom as are the pear trees lining Main Street. Not great for allergies but it's gorgeous.

An awful 10X photo for your viewing pleasure

And this morning I finally spotted the Baltimore Oriole!!! I've tried for years to get the Orioles to come to my yard and finally gave up a few years ago. After thinking I heard one on Sunday and seeing at least 2 this morning I stopped at the hardware store for an Oriole feeder and I'll get grape jelly on the way home. Please - oh Please - let them still be around when I get the feeder set up!!

80 - 75 - 75 - 71 - 69 - 59 - 69 F

And, finally, the penultimate weather rosette. It's hard to imagine that just a year ago, this project was just a twinkle in my eye and now I have friends around the world joining in. I do hope that some of you will be willing to continue for a second year. Everyone is also welcome to join in at any time.


Pamela said...

Gorgeous block this week. I'm thinking about a second year!

Vireya said...

Look at those warm colours!

Lovely to see the pear blossom and your oriole. Happy spring at last!

Janet O. said...

Thirty-three finished out of a bazillion. You are a patient person! :)
The blooming trees are so pretty. Last night our weather guy was saying pollen from trees is higher than ever. I guess it is times like these I can be grateful my Spring allergies suddenly ended 33 years ago, but came back in the Fall.
I do hope your Oriole is still around to enjoy your feeder.
Your weather rosettes have been fun to follow. I am looking forward to the reveal of your next weather project!

Jo said...

This has been fun to follow. I have seen Vireya's in person. To see them completed will be amazing.
I would love to join in but I'm not a hexie fan. Not sure what I could do. Maybe a Dresden fan....

hetty said...

Love your rosettes! I tried adding my link but couldn't get it to work.