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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #81 - 12/5/18

Well... I've been hoping NOT to do this ever since I started temperature quilt #2:

Luckily it was easy enough to fix:

November 28-30, 2018: 32 - 31 - 34 F
December 1-4, 2018: 35 - 52 - 37 - 26 F

And those 3 blues on the left, my friends, completes the first 6 months to Temp Quilt #2!!! Woohoo!!

I bought a (non-Grunge) solid black to use for the background so as soon as I feel confident in what I'm doing I'll applique the first 6 columns onto the black and include it in one of our weekly updates.

I've also been working on clue #2 for the 2018 Quiltville Mystery Quilt:

You will recall that I am making roughly half of each clue to make a smaller quilt. I figure I can always make more later. "Half" is often the same as I'll make units until I run out of precut strips in the color we are using, which is how I ended up with 72 blue/neutral HSTs. I just need to trim all those dog ears. Be sure to check out the linky party for clue #2!

And now, for anyone making a temperature quilt (hexie or otherwise) - we are looking forward to seeing your weather for the last week! Feel free to leave a comment about your weather if you are not making a quilt. And really, why are you not making a quilt? It doesn't have to be hexies, any of your favorite blocks should work.


Pamela said...

From 52 to 26 in just two days!I like the cooler colors though. Our temperatures are still comfortable, not cold yet. I hope some people are planning to join in at the start of the new year!

Janet O. said...

Been snowy, foggy, freezy here. :)
I am not making a temp quilt because I can't keep up with something that needs to be made once a month, let alone once a week or (heaven forbid) once a day!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your temps are bouncing around a bit at the start of December. In Northern Indiana we have been consistent....cold with just a bit of snow each day...which equates for me to NO SUN.

Stay warm.
xx, Carol