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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday Weather Report #149 - 3/25/20

It's clearly Spring when the temps change as often as they did in the last week but I'm sure anyone with a sugar shack is enjoying this type of weather as they continue to gather sap and make maple syrup. 

March 18 - 24, 2020
44 - 51 - 65 - 29 - 33 - 34 - 38 F

I didn't take a picture but with no where to go over the weekend I spent a lot of time working on my shoofly quilt. I cut out and started stitching 44 more blocks. I also started cutting for the "arrow" border that came to me during a mistake.

Somehow I haven't posted about my new project yet...Quiltmania magazine is doing a mystery quilt, named Swivel, where the blocks can be EPP or hand sewn. I'm clearly doing the former! Each of the 6 issues this year will contain 2 blocks and at some point we will get finishing instructions. I even splurged and ordered the fabric bundles from Homestead Hearth so my blocks will match the magazine pattern. I very rarely buy fabric kits but the thought of not having to pick fabrics every month was very intriguing. It was my birthday gift to myself!! The ad said that the kits would include a fabric available only with the bundles and there would be extras included. No clue yet on either after the second delivery.

Before the first fabric bundle arrived yet I pulled together some fabrics to make a sample block. The bottom left of the above picture is a quadrant of the sample block. I know the pic is kind of worthless for anything other than proving I am actually working on something but this is the 3rd of 4 quadrants. I hope to create some borders and make this into a doll quilt.

The top right shows the blue fabrics in the first bundle. This is the second quadrant of this first "A" block.

Last week I received the second bundle of fabrics - purple and greens. I am still waiting on the March issue to arrive (supposedly mailed 3/7 but still frustrating as it's now 3/25) but since the magazine subscription came with access to the digital magazine I was able to print the papers onto cardstock and get started on a "B" block. This block has fewer pieces so it's going together faster. I still despise those long pointed triangles but I'm getting better at them.


Janet O. said...

Hmm, this is your idea of fun? We need to talk! LOL
I admire your skill and I am sure this is going to be amazing. I just finished the last block of my 22 year-old hexie project and have the rows sewn together. All it needs now is the outer border attached. What a feeling!
That meant I had no "grab and go" project when I went to sit with Mom today, so I pulled out the dreaded "Stars in the Garden" project. Maybe it will be finished in 22 years!

Leonore Winterer said...

What an interesting projects! It looks a little chaotic but I'm sure it'll all make sense in the end haha.