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Monday, June 14, 2010

Design Wall Monday - 6/14/10

Well, there's been a few things on the design "wall" around here...

What do you think of my new blogger template? This template has a wider layout which means better photo layouts from now on but older posts no longer look as good as when I first wrote/arranged them...oh well.

I worked on creating a new flower garden by the front porch this weekend . There was already a white hydrangea, white azalea and pink bleeding heart there but I wanted to fill in the crazy outline of my house (used to be a parsonage so it's cross shaped with lots of crazy little corners to mow) with pretty flowers. I envisioned a cottage/english style garden with tall flowers for cutting. Not sure if the plants I picked will fill in that way but I'm happy with it so far. I ran out of mulch and I was wilting in the sun and muggy weather so this is half a garden...who knows when I will get inspired for the other half. Check out just some of the rocks I dug out of the garden. We think they may have been from the original foundation since most are flat. When the whole garden is done, I'll build a little rock wall around it with these and "farmer's" rocks.

I've also worked a little on this UFO. I had two of the traingles done and had enough of the light green to make another two. The QN pattern I was working from called for 3 large solid and 3 large pieced triangles made into a 6 sided table topper. Think I should made the table topper that doesn't fit any table I own with 1 traingle for the orphan box, make these 4 into a table runner or Mom thinks this should be the back of her tablerunner (which I don't agree with cuz the colors are off)??? The pattern is easy with a specialty ruler I came across in Florida so I might have to make more. The original pattern was in batiks...

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Chris said...

Your new template has a fresh look. I like it :)