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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In case you were under a rock, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake was centered about 30 miles north of Cumberland, Ontario, Canada at 1:41 this afternoon. We felt it here in my office building in little Perry, NY - It really wasn't a bad quake but it was my first!

At first I heard a roaring noise and then the ceiling tiles "breathed." When it's windy the front door swooshes out a little and the tiles breath and when semis go by we hear noises so I wasn't concerned. In fact, I didn't say a thing to my office mate down the hall. I merely looked across the street to see if the leaves were moving on a tree and they weren't so I brushed off the whole thing.

Then my boss called to see if we felt anything, because he had felt it and his son had called from Nunda to say he felt it. So I asked my colleague - she had felt it and assumed it was a semi as well. Then her sister called to say she felt it, called Mom and Dad but they didn't feel it, texted my brother and he had felt it in Victor (closer to the center of activity). The cemetery sexton just came into the office, he missed it as well.

The US Geological Survey site has a form to log in what you did or didn't experience during an earthquake and it's been interesting to watch this map expand with more and more reports. Be sure to click over to the link above for an updated map.


Anonymous said...

The library did not feel it in Castile - but all the other librarians did! We all have been emailing back and force about it - of course we researched and sent all the links to each other and had a U of R person confirm it!

Sarah said...

Erin - I never thought of having UofR confirm it - great idea.

Quilter Kathy said...

We sure felt the earthquake in Ontario...our office evacuated but there was no damage.