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Friday, June 18, 2010

Super Cruise & Sister's Choice

Last Night was Super Cruise night at the Corral and I didn't think to take a single picture of the 550+ cars, trucks & motorocycles.  This is a picture taken by someone else last night and even tho I looked, I guess I've never posted a picture of dad's 1929 International truck on my blog - will need to remedy that...

The Wyoming County Fair Guide arrived in today's mail ... time to start planning what I want to enter. That can mean something new or finishing some UFO and I will enter two butter/jam spreaders into the antqiues division. I think one is stamped 1837 or so...

I'm still working on my Sister's Choice blocks. For the 26 blocks completed so far, I have the top sashing on all of them. I only have the side sashing and purple cornerstone on 13 of them because I need to cut some more 2.5 inch neutral strips. I much prefer to piece individual sashings to the blocks, instead of a row at at time, because I find it easier to work with one block at a time. I know, I'll still need to sew one long row to another but it works for me :)

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