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Monday, June 28, 2010

Design Wall Monday - 6/28/10

My muse hit the lotto this weekend and I didn't really get much else done around the house. I also had a visit by Kristie and my nephews to see the snow peas but didn't think to photograph the boys while they devoured crisp snow peas they "harvested" themselves.

EDIT: Erin the Librarian was impressed that I listened to nine CDs of an audiobook while working in the studio and thought I should share...each CD is about 70 minutes.

Remember the tube quilting blocks in Friday's post? I happened across some WOW fabric already in my stash and decided to run with it, including taking apart those 4 blocks from Friday and putting a white corner on them to create 8 blocks. The process is so easy, I had all these blocks done by early-Sunday, after a good share of Saturday at the Farmer's Market, working on the inventory grant at work AND working on some other projects I will show another day. There is still some work to put the top together but nothing that can't be accomplished in a few hours. I'm sorry that the stars don't show up as well as they did in the online design I was copying but I'm willing to make another since they are a great stashbuster.

This is another technique I saw online - basically a slash and shuffle design from the Layer 'Em Up book. The author's video demonstrated how to use 8" blocks but with some simple math to get the proper ratio, I made these with 6.5" blocks. I still need to square them up but I will finish with 30 blocks from 5 fatQuarters. Basically, the stack of squares in the background is cut into that mock-9-patch design and several pieces are shuffled 1 or 2 spaces and then sewn back together. Again, another couple hours should have all the blocks completed. I've also seen other designs that work with the slash and shuffle concept and hope to try them soon.

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Erin the Librarian said...

Love the color combo on the bottom pic please bring it by the library after you have it put together or whatever you quilters say...