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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Online Shopping trip :)

Sometimes, even when you're on a tight budget, you just can't pass up a good sale...and I found two of them last week!

It started with an email from Superior Threads. I prefer to piece with MasterPiece #155 (a medium gray) and quilt with King Tut variegated threads. Last week was Bob the owners birthday and there was a $5 coupon if you spent like $20. Masterpiece isn't cheap but since it's a thinner thread there is more on a spool and it lasts a bit longer, about 1 to 2 months for me. And because it's thinner, seams are just a bit thinner when pressed open. The thread is well worth the price to me...so I got just enough to hit the sale threshold which was not quite buy 2 get 1 free.

Then I got the weekly email from Paperpieces.com and you all know I love that company as well :)

It turned out they were having 2 sales. First was a sale on certain notions. I have been wanting one of these needle domes for some time but couldn't find them locally. They are great because you can fill them with up to 10 threaded needles. The dome was marked down from $10 to $7 but on top of the notion sale was another 20% off ~$20. This essentially marked the dome down to half price.

I also ordered 2" half-hexies for my next project and the Tiny Obsesssions book which is geared towards small hexie sizes. I thought the magnets, pins and framed scenes would make nice gifts or things to sell.

The thread I would have had to order at some point so I might as well get it on sale and the other things weren't quite needed but fun. We all need to have a little fun once in a while and it's even more fun when it's on sale :)


Janet O. said...

Nothing wrong with a little online shop hop now and then. : )

Denise :) said...

I totally agree with Janet ... I just a little of that myself, as a matter of fact! The whole thread conversation cracks me up. I have a lovely spool of King Tut variegated quilting thread that I bought several years ago for the pineapple quilt. It was $7.99. A couple of weeks ago, Todd came out of the quilting bunk room with this funny look on his face ... he said, "Please tell me you did not pay $7.99 for a roll of thread. A roll of thread??!" LOL!! Men. :)

quiltmania said...

How could you possibly pass up a sale? It just can't be done! LOL.

Michelle said...

Great bargins sarah.....!
And of course ,one must save when one can.
What are you making with the half hexie ????
Is it a secret ?