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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twisted hexagons

With a pending road trip and a conference next month, I have been prepping hexie projects in my spare time. I'm still cutting kites and triangles for my hexie puzzle. I'm even working on the second Star Blossom that I need for my matching hexie shaped side tables in the living room.

I am also cutting half hexies for a new project!! I'm calling it twisted hexies. Very original (and probably what I've seen it called around the internet).

Anyways...it's made of half hexies in batiks that surround a black hexie center. It should be a wash of color when it's done! I had wanted to have a black batik for the center but they are darn near impossible to find in these here parts. What do you think of this tone-on-tone black instead of a batik? Do you think it will take away from the other batiks?
Yes! That is a cat tail - you convince her not to "help" when I am taking pictures...
Of course, I have been so in love with the batiks that I think I have way more cut than I can possibly baste up in a weekend, let alone that I only have 50 if the half-hexie papers. 
Look around your studio for templates you may already have, instead of buying something. I discovered this template to make half hexies from charm squares was actually "close enough for who it's for" when it came to cutting these batik half hexies.
That should keep my fingers busy for 10+ hours of riding in the car ... now if it was only half as easy to pick which clothes to pack...


Janet O. said...

I think that black will work just fine. You just need black, whether batik or not, to pop the colors--the eye is going to go to the beautiful batiks, IMHO.
Love the tail pointer! : )

tubakk said...

The black fabric is perfect. I have made a quilt like this a couple of years ago. I'll post it in Hexagon Alley tomorrow.

Carla said...

Clever you! Glad you are enjoying your hexies so much