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Monday, June 02, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 6/2/14

As much as I don't mind having lots of types of quilt UFOs to work on (gotta love variety) - I do have to wonder how many scrap projects at a time is a good idea. I'm talking about leader/ender style projects to use up all the bits left over from other projects.

You are probably aware of my basket project. I've finished these 6 in the last week. I neglected to count how many that brings me to but it must be more than 75 by now. I really need to pick a setting fabric so I can start putting them together and decide how many more to make. Obviously this is my most often worked on L/E project.

Yes, that is a wooden pants hanger in the picture. I group finished blocks on the hanger and they hang on the side of my cutting table.
A while ago I started making some of these garlic knots that Bonnie had in a Quiltmaker magazine. I've only made 3 so far but it was fun to pull strips from the bin and put them together easily. I had actually forgotten about this project until I was thinking of a post for today.

See, I was sew excited about this tiny block that it's out of focus!!
My latest project is this tiny puss in the corner block. Yup - just one so far. I'm preparing a class called Magic Blocks and this is one of the samples. The class premise is that you can take single blocks, 4 patches, 9 patches or 16 patches, cut them apart and then sew them back together in to a new block. Think of disappearing nine patch gone wild.

This little beauty is actually a 4 patch! I made the first sample from 5" blocks but this one is from 2.5" blocks. Any size would work but I liked them best as little blocks. I can do a tutorial if any one wants..

How many L/E style projects do you have?

Momma says - don't forget that tomorrow is the next Bibliophile Files!!!!


Missy Shay said...

Thanks for the reminder! I have a book I need to post a review about!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

I have about 6 leader/ender projects going and I'm willing to add another if you will share how you did the little purple and green puss in the corner from a 4-patch!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't want to count how many - I think a few are at a point where I need to count up and quickly finish off the last few so they are done. And then I'll add another.

Janet O. said...

Great looking baskets! How many different types of baskets are you making?
I've never seen the garlic knots block (because I rarely buy a quilt magazine, probably). I'm interested to see the pattern they make in a layout, so get crackin' and make more so I can see!! : )
Love the tiny block, of course.
Hmm, L/E projects--I've done so much paper piecing lately I haven't really had any out. Oh, wait, I have been sewing together some bonus HST I was gifted from another blogger, but I haven't definitely decided on a layout--just a couple of possibilities in mind for a mini.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Last summer and fall I got into a really productive groove where I used a UFO in the assembly stage as my leader/ender. It seemed like those tops went together in no time! I need to get that system going again.

margaret said...

lots done this last week, and yes I would be interested in a tutorial, love disappearing blocks, have had a go at 4 and 9 patch and have a tutorial on a disappearing pinwheel, still to try that one, if I can find the tutorial!Wonder why the garlic one is called a garlic knot, a new name to me

Chantal said...

Hi Sarah! Your baskets are so lovely! I have two LE projects - a postage stamp block of 10 x10 1" blocks and a bow tie by Bonnie Hunter.

Denise :) said...

Good gravy. Has a month passed already?!? I love that you're using the wooden pants hanger for your blocks -- I do that too!!!! Midgie's got a such a sweet face! :)