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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

HeLP for Hexie-aholics

One of the things I accomplished this past weekend was prepping for the next Value Proposition blocks. Is it just me or does it take forever to do that? I can put colors together with my eyes closed but actually CHOOSING between several good color combos is my downfall.

This morning I finished the half block posted a couple Fridays ago.

It's probably a little hard to tell but the two neutrals are slightly different
and I'm hoping it will give a shaded effect in the final block.

Next up is the full block from last Friday. I'll be working at the LQS this weekend so I'm going to look for some sashing options in my spare time.

Ok - now it's your turn! Please share your hexie projects - they can be a current project, a UFO or even just a dream project. They can also be hexies, jewels, diamonds or whatever shape. Just remember to link to your specific post since links to blogs in general have a tendency to disappear. I can help you link if you need it. I can't wait to see your links!!


Chantal said...

Prepping for Value Proposition Quilt. I think what has made it easier for me was choosing a color scheme. I collected some fabrics and am just picking from those out of the container. Boy, it sure makes things easier. I did my agonizing at the beginning of the project. I love your half block.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Looks terrificl.

Julierose said...

Great colors in your 1/2 hexie...I need to get mine out again--finish up my tabletopper etc. Slowly getting back into quilting land...hugs, Julierose

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Love the colors but I have no patience to do a hexie pattern.Just doing random works for me. I love making the little hexies then just sewing them into strips, then one strip to another till I decide to stop and make it into something. Good luck I will stay tuned to see how it turns out.j

margaret said...

sounds like a major project is beginning, I was thrilled to find a long hexie template on amazon this morning so eagerly waiting for it now, have been looking for ages so my lucky day today

Karen H said...

Good work Sarah! Love all of those butterscotch and caramel colours!

Turid said...

I think your colours will work well when you see it in larger pieces. I know that feeling when you start a project and can't decide what fabric to use. You just have to go for it. But I must admit that sometimes I have to stop or restart a project. Good luck!