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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hexies at home...

If you will recall, last Thursday I shared my at-work hexie kit.
Today I thought I would show you my home set up.

I bought this relish tray at a vintage store a few years ago for under $2. It sat in my china cupboard ever since, just waiting for the perfect party to use it. Ha! It works much better for hexies! It's heavy so it won't slide around my lap and the divided areas keep everything organized. I highly suggest you look for one of your own.

BTW - the melamine tray under my glass tray is so I can eat in front of the tv w/out harming Grandma Ballinger's vintage coffee table :-)

From left to right: my Thread Heaven and thread ends, scissors and mini binder clips, honeycomb papers for my POTC* and the ever-present Burts's Bees, precut sashing pieces for the POTC.

Across the back: needle dome, Bottom Line thread, choco, 1" hexie papers left from my last Value Proposition rosette, finished POTC sashing pieces and red fabric waiting for the square POTC papers.

In front of the tray are my extra glasses (short lenses so I can see thru them to the TV and under them for my hand work!) and the twisted hexies I am working on.

Here'e where I usually plant my tuchus to sew. Have you ever tried to take a photo of an Ott Light? I don't blame you. Nice and bright but not great for pictures. You can also see the giraffe and fish face that I brought back from Ghana many moons ago. The face has a phone number on the back - lets just say I was the only white woman for miles with long brown hair wearing Ghanian clothes and I had a blast dickering for the giraffe. It was the biggest I thought I could get back on the plane until I saw a guy with 2 of them twice as tall.

And what's a good sewing session w/out a snoopervisor!?!?

* patchwork of the crosses


Janet O. said...

Okay, now how are you going to incorporate the giraffe into your hexie work? : )

Missy Shay said...

I love re-purposing things to use in my sewing room!

margaret said...

such a useful tray/container can see it works very well. Struggling with tuchus, clicked and it just gave another way to spell it, went to the dictionary and no neither version there, will go on google and see what they have to say

Anonymous said...

Your snoopervisor reminds me of the last cat I owned - named Spot because of coloration very similar to this. I'll have to go on a search for a dish like that. Very clever!

LuAnn said...

As I read your post, I wonder if others in the room complain about your Ott light distracting them while they're watching it? I got that with mine. I have a battery operated Ott light, but it's not as bright and batteries only last 3-4 hours.

September Violets said...

I love repurposing old pieces for crafting. I have a small tin planter that I use for knitting outside (won't break on the patio stones if I drop it). The relish dish is perfect. Cute snoop! Wendy x