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Monday, December 08, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 12/8/14

Friday night was Hexie Club night and I worked both Saturday and Sunday at the LQS so it felt like all I did was cut fabric this weekend but...when I went to take pictures this morning I discovered I accomplished more than I thought. Yay me!!!

What I did not photograph was getting Tyler's quilt sandwiched. I had bought 108" wide backing fabric and I had recently bought yards and yards of batting on sale. I spray baste using the tables at the LQS and the actual spraying part is a breeze but making sure all three layers were cut down to size, perfectly flat and lined up took quite a while since I was working by myself.

We offer a "Sandwich Club" at the LQS to assist each other with spray basting projects. The small class fee includes sandwiches for lunch :-) Now if I could just convince a few more people to join in it would be more fun for the group...

I cut a ton of red and white strips since I still need another 50 or so Ruby Beauty blocks. I sewed half of them together and pressed them open last night. I probably won't have much time to subcut or sew the 4-patches this week since I (hopefully) have my final bazaar tomorrow and I'm having a Christmas Party at my house on Sunday. I suppose I ought to decorate before the party! Luckily the girls understand my studio (right off the living room) is never "clean" but used and loved!

174 HST down, 106 left to go...for Clue #1

I bought three more pinks at the LQS this weekend and then cut out some more turquoise/pink HST units. I should be at 2 or 3 more non-LQSs in the next week so I can get even more variety. In case you are wondering, I don't "do" pink as a norm so I try to force myself once in a while so I can expand the stash and I think these rose colors are a good compromise.

Each clue is in it's own basket so I can track progress. I prefer to finish each step before I move on to another and this will keep it all sorted until I get some more FQs for variety.

Last but not least, I also worked on Clue #2. I have all 200 black triangles cut and I've cut neutral strips for the diamonds. I'll hold off cutting pinks until I get some more in the next week.

Keep your fingers crossed for the bazaar tomorrow. It's been delayed twice due to "snowvember" and there is another storm coming tomorrow, which will either affect the bazaar or the guild Christmas party...or both. I'm ok with some snow but there are plenty who are not...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You were busy. I like how you have organized your 'steps' in cute baskets. We are suppose to have our guild party tomorrow night, too - I have a feeling we will be canceling; not so much the snow, but the ice they are predicting.

Ramona said...

I like your organizational idea. I tend to just have piles of projects on my table. Your colors you are using are great.

Janet O. said...

I'm with you on the pinks, Sarah--though I do like the CW era pinks--I think rose was a good choice.
I hope your bazaar really comes off this time. That must be maddening!!

Vireya said...

The "Sandwich Club" sounds like a great idea! I'd join in but I think I'm a bit too far away.

Your mystery looks very organised.

Andee said...

Looking good so far!

margaret said...

such a busy bee, how good to have others who can help when it comes to sorting out a flimsy to get ready for quilting. Fingers crossed the bazaar goes ahead and that your family meal takes place too, no snow here yet though they have had some on the hills in Scotland