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Monday, December 22, 2014

Grand Illusion progress update

Whoo Hoo! In between cookies and gift making this weekend I finally made some progress on my Grand Illusion mystery quilt.

I finally finished Step #1!! OK, so I still have to press open and pinwheel the seams but they are cut and sewn.

And it's not like I've been slacking on the other steps:

I've been having trouble getting the diamond pdf/template to print the correct size so the strips for step #2 are ready but I am at a standstill. Me thinks I'll have to improvise :)

I have also been cutting strips for Step #3.

And don't forget I already have those 80 pink/turquoise HST done for step #4. LOL!

I'm hoping I'll get some free time Wednesday or Christmas Day for some "fun" sewing so I can make some progress. I'll have to start working on taxes the day after Christmas so probably won't get much sewing time over the weekend.

And just because I though this was hilarious...this fabric was the perfect color for my mystery quilt! In small pieces you can barely tell they are onions.


quilterchick said...
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quilterchick said...

I improvised on Step #2 as well. I cut the 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" rectangles, then used the Easy Angle ruler to cut off the corners I didn't need. I cut 2-1/2" strips and used the Easy Angle to cut my "corner" pieces. They sewed together beautifully at this point. I love your colors and can't wait to see your finished quilt.

tubakk said...

Great progress. I've done some of each blocks, almost contented.

Janet O. said...

Those onions made me laugh. It looked like a box of onions at first glance.
I think you are doing well with the quilt progress, but that comes from someone who only has half of the blocks to EASY STREET assembled!! : )

Rhonda Kennedy said...

Your doing great. Don't beat yourself up over the time frame, just work at a steady pace and finish, even if not as the clue is released.
Looks great so far and the onions cracked me up.

margaret said...

your mystery quilt is coming along well, being a hexie addict have you signed up for the BOM withhttp://www.katjasquiltshoppe.com/the-new-hexagon-millefiore-quilt-along.htm I hope to have a go.
Like you I will stitch on Xmas day as my girls are coming for their Xmas lunch on 29th

Frances said...

I have not even started, but I have amazed myself with the output of Christmas gifts I have made this year.

Carla said...

Onions are fabric too! lol
Good for you for all the steps you've done so far.
Guess what? Katja has over 400 people signed up for the Millefiore quilt. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing people's blocks

Vireya said...

It is all looking good so far, and I love that pink onion fabric, too!

Denise :) said...

Wow -- you've really made great progress!! I *love* the onion fabric -- how fun is that??!! I can't wait to see it cut up--to see if I recognize it!!! :)