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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

HeLP for Hexie-aholics!!!!

Hello, my fellow Hexiologists!!! Today is our monthly installment of Hexie Linky Party (HeLP) for Hexie-aholics!!!

Why the 17th you may ask....'cuz 1/17/71 is my birthday and 17 is my favorite number. Purely random as far as all y'all are concerned :)

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that I am the Head Troublemaker for our local hexie club, recently dubbed "For the Love of Hexies..." This past summer we each bought a half yard of this red/white/black fabric and were to add any other RWB fabrics we wanted in addition to fussy cutting this fabric. We would then bring our rosettes back to our December meeting to exchange. Luckily, I won the rosette I wanted most due to the pieced hexies.

Our next step in the challenge is for each of us to make our rosette in to something and bring it back to our March meeting for show-n-tell. These finished projects will be part of our display at the Arts Council in September.

I'm still deciding what to do with my rosette. I don't need another pillow and don't know that I have time to really add enough to become a table runner. I was thinking doll/cat quilt size maybe. Any suggestions?

Ok -  here's my favorite part of HeLP - what are you working on??!! Feel free to link to any project old, new or still in the dream stage; just be sure to link to an actual post and not your blog in general.


Terri said...

Love that you took the picture on a hexie floor. My front entry and bathroom were tiled in the hexies in my first house... 46 years ago. They've changed that building into an old folks home now. Gosh, I'm old!

liniecat said...

Its striking.
It would work well as a larger hexi shaped table centre rather than a lengthy one.
Maybe half hexi the edges to straighten off the sides, or applique it onto a red background even? Wonder if you can get a red fabric with black spots as a background fabric?
lol or buy red and go to town with black fabric pen!

Ruth said...

My birthday is Feb 17, but I could be your mommie.

Carla said...

That's very cool with the red in the middle!

margaret said...

belated happy birthday trust you had a good day
Very nice rosette

Karen H said...

Love the rosette but then what's not to love? Fussy cuts and the pieced hexagons - it doesn't get much better than that!

Belated happy birthday!

Denise :) said...

Wow -- it's almost your birthday -- less than a month away!!! I love the pieced hexies!!! You got a good one!! :)