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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Bibliophile Files

Guess What??!?!?!?!?!????!!!???
I am exactly 201 pages from finishing my reading challenges for the year!!!!

Not bad considering the original challenge I modified was meant for 2 years and it's only been 11 months. I'm fairly certain that with 4 weeks left and the next tax season looming, I'll get several more read before the end of the year and beat last year's record of 75 books.

I had really hoped to be able to hunker down and finish reading the last book, Ill Wind, by the end of my vacation last week. Given that I kept waking at 6 or 630am (w/out an alarm!!) one would have thought it was possible but the draw of my Bernina ended up being stronger than my last book. I still accomplished a lot over vacation - enough to the point that I ran, not walked, to the library for more audiobooks just in case I ran out late at night or something drastic like that...

In case you haven't heard about my personal reading challenges before, please read last months post, read the BF tab above, or check my shelfari.com page.

So here's the second to last list:

Agony of the Leaves (11/9/14)
Six Years (11/15/14)
Echo Burning (11/22/14)
Exit Ghost (11/23/14)
*Everglades (11/24/14)
Every Little Thing About You (11/27/14)
Alex Cross' Trial (11/28/14)
Bury Your Dead (11/30/14)

Your turn...What did you read last month??

1 comment:

Denise :) said...

Well I did finish all of last month's books . . . I've only tracked the challenge ones . . . not the ones I've read independently. I've liked the challenge -- or specifically, the call to link up what I'm reading each month, because it's made me a lot more purposeful in my choices of reading matter! Great job for you this month/year!!!! :)