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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A successful F.A.R.T!!

Yip - I was recently able to go on a successful Fabric Acquisition Road Trip that had some other fun activities thrown in for good measure.

I started the day by day by driving to Naples where I hiked through part of Glen Cove to get to this gorgeous water fall. This was apparently the lower falls but with the recent rains and the only way to the upper falls being to walk in the creek, I'll have to go back another day to see Upper Falls.

I loved this old tree hanging over the creek. Even better was the house just past the tree. Can you imagine having this fun little park literally in your back yard?! The sound of the rushing water was quite soothing.

Next stop was Carriage Quilts - a cute little 2 story quilt shop I had never been to. I picked up my Row by Row pattern and a few fat quarters.

My next stop was going to be Penn Yan to take my Bernina in for service but I got waylayed!! How could I pass a stop at Hazlitt's Red Cat Winery??!! Yes - I tasted and I bought. I also climbed the mountain path where the vines used to be when the winery was started. I'm sure it's much easier now that they are all on the valley floor.

In Penn Yan I was able to stop at The Windmill (an outdoor farm and craft market) that is generally only open on Saturdays but it was open special for 7/3/15. I also went to the new location of Golden Lane Fabrics, a Mennonite run fabric store. Quilt stores in Mennonite country sell quilts and no fabric. I learned this the hard way my first trip to Penn Yan.

On the way home I finally stopped at Bath National Cemetery. I had no idea what to expect, even tho I had been to Arlington many years ago, but it was a nice pleasant drive through a huge cemetery. I only wish there had been parking spots so I could walk around.

And now for the fabrics...I had 2 goals and I finished them both!

I finally found a border fabric for my Value Proposition quilt!!! There was a lighter blue fabric that matched my sashing perfectly but it just kinda washed out. This fabric actually matches all my teals perfectly in real life and adds some life to the border area. I'm still working on binding fabric...

And last but not least - I needed (ok, wanted) more hexie fabrics for my I-spy quilt. I almost missed the turtles (in the baby section) and the soccer balls (in a sea of black and whites). For some reason I was drawn to the orange but it also comes in 2 or 3 other colors. Maybe the next time I get back to Material Dreams, which was my last stop of the day for one more Row pattern, just 15 minutes before they closed.

Phew. It was a long day of driving, walking and shopping but my fitbit was pleased! As I told Denise, who knew that window shopping was good for you?!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sounds and looks like you had a marvelous time.

Janet O. said...

Cemeteries are great places to put some steps on the Fitbit--too bad there wasn't a place to park.
I am exhausted reading about all of your adventures. Glad you had a good time.

margaret said...

what a lovely day out you had, the waterfall looks amazing love running water but not keen on the sea. Good fabric buys and also a nice visit to the cemetery. A glass of wine should never be turned down!

Jo said...

Sounds like a hectic day but so filled with adventure and lovely shopping

Karen H said...

What a busy day! Love the fabric for your VP quilt and can't wait to see it on the quilt.