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Friday, July 17, 2015

Feline Friday - 7/17/15 - HeLP for Hexie-aholics

Yes - you read that right, it's one of the few times each year that two of my favorite linky parties happen on the same day!

On the Fourth of July I went to Angelica, NY for their annual Lavender Festival. It's an expanded farmers' market with veggies, flowers, food and arts/crafts. Basically, anything to deal with, or be converted to deal with, lavender. It was my first visit to Angelica or the Fest and I plan to go again next year!

The highlight of the day was actually browsing the cute little antique/vintage shops.

For years I've been looking for an antique doll bed to use as a cat bed. It had to be low to the ground and sturdy enough to hold a certain sturdy cat, altho Squeaky's name shall be withheld, but I also wanted character. Well I found it for a steal of just $12!!!! Ok, so it' needs a good sanding and re-painting but look how cute.

I knew immediately that it would need a doll/cat quilt and I just happened to have a few UFOs to choose from! I've decided to finish this RWB diamond by adding WOW hexies to make it into a rectangle. I might add another flower hexie to each corner...or I might not. I am also seriously considering a diagonal RWB strip binding. I have an appropriate fabric but it's not a 100% match on the dark blue so I'm still thinking.

In the meantime, I grabbed an old bed pillow (so this is why there are several in the closet?!) and a cupcake pillowcase and gave the felines a little lesson in sleeping in their own bed.

Squeaky is in love with the bed and spends hours there.

Zorro needs a further lesson in head versus foot boards.

Midgie prefers to sit in a tiny corner of her little box. Too each their own...

Since we are having "two" linky parties today, feel free to link up separate posts with your favorite felines and or your favorite EPP project. Bonus points to any links with felines and hexies!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!


margaret said...

I can see cat disputes if 2 want to sleep here, and personalised quilts too for the lucky cat, a good find and the whole day sounded like a good place to be

Jo said...

Oh sew cute. What a great find

Chantal said...

Oh I LOOOOOOOOVE your little dolly bed! It is perfect for a cat! I love the introoder's lazy, any old how, method of using the bed. Squeaky looks so very comfortable. Lucky kitty getting an EPP coverlet!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the old, used finish of the doll bed - great find. And it looks like it is being loved, too.

Janet O. said...

Someone looks so cozy in their new bed. : )
Does it really need repainting? Will that remove its character?

Judy Dietrich said...

My cat Rex ( lost him 4 years ago) was a "large" fellow. He used to get onto a bed in my bedroom that was for 18 inch dolls. I guess 18 inch dolls must not weigh the same in square inches as a well rounded cat!! He broke the board under the mattress. I removed the board and left the mattress laying on the ground under the bed. Sure enough, he jumped in to lay on the mattress. Quite a funny site to see cat stripes poking out from under a doll bed.

tubakk said...

I have no cats to share, so I entered my La Passion.

A Nudge said...

You'll probably need to buy another one soon - so cute.