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Monday, September 14, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 9/14/15

As predicted, the weekend was a wet mess so there was no walking or hiking in the park after working the 5K. The race went off with out a hitch but I was already wet enough from working that I just wanted to get home into some dry clothes. In all, we got 2" of much needed rain. And let me tell you, I LOVE the sound of a gentle rain...especially when I am inside and dry ;-)

Once home I had to make the decision of what hexies to work on for the weekend since there are just 24 days until my first trunk show and then 12 more until the second. Ackckckckckckck!

I was aiming for what I thought would be an easy finish project. Boy was I misguided. I had already cut out some colored bits and some WOW bits for this project. I stitched all the colored bits together and then stitched the white bits. Then I decided I really need to finalize the layout I wanted before putting any more bits together. Out came EQ7 and oops...I think my fav design means I need more colored bits and less white bits.

But, Wait!, you say, Where are the pictures?! I'm withholding them until Thursday which is our next Hexie Linky Party. That gives me a little more time decide which is really my fav design and if I can come up with enough colored bits.

On Sunday, I needed a quick to-go project so I pulled out a UFO!

When I originally found a picture of this pillow on Manuela's website a couple of years ago I was much newer to hexies and was going to strictly copy the pillow idea for lack of any inventiveness on my part. Fast forward to Summer 2015 when I now have a dolly bed that needs a stack of dolly quilts!!

I really like that this is a strip of vertical hexies flanked by 2 different fabrics. I had found the floral fabric at a non-LQS and was just lucky enough to find the perfectly matching coordinates at my LQS back when I first started this project. I had even already cut a lot of little fabric pieces (I'm using .5"' hexie papers!) and already made 2 rosettes.

I finished a couple more rosettes and I've now brought the whole shebang to work for lunch hours and guild meeting tomorrow night. Wish me luck that I can get the strip done this week or early next week and then get the top done in time for my trunk shows!

Yeah, as much as I would like to bring only quilted and bound projects to my trunk shows, I am now aiming for finishing as many tops as possible and I'll use each top as a teaching experience for fussy cutting or construction or ???. I'll quilt and bind the quilts for future trunk shows.

PS - I would love some name suggestions for this dolly quilt so I can create a blog label. I'm never good at names and today I'm too chilly to think straight...


Erin said...

Loving those hexie rosettes, I need to give them a try myself but I'm so intimidated!!

Janet O. said...

I want to see those pictures, you tease!
The pressure of the trunk show is understandable. I have used finished tops in every trunk show I have done, and with each progressive show some of those tops get finished and new ones take their place. : )
My naming brain is numb. The only thing that comes to mind is Formal Garden, because the flowers grow in straight rows. : )

margaret said...

would love to be at a trunk show I know you will make it such a both informative and fun time for everyone. Like you I am no good at names afraid I never name my work but I am sure someone will come up with the right title.

Chantal said...

Flower Bed - It is a row of hexies instead of a flower garden.
Love all the work you are doing. I am sure you will have a lot of good stuff to show.

Denise :) said...

Call it Sweet Persimmon! Because the colors remind me of ripening persimmons on the tree this fall and because it's a sweet doll quilt, not a puckery mouthful! LOL! :)