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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


As happens with everyone - everything is happening at once and I'm all discombobulated with what to work on next! There is no focus at my house....

---The last day to buy doe tags is tomorrow so my day job has been busy with hunters.
---September dog licenses are due today as well as all the people who are super late and got court tickets so my day job has been busy with dog owners.
---School taxes are due today so my 2nd job has been busy with an extra ~3 hours a day to keep up. Most people mail their taxes today, depending on the postmark to keep them "on time" so that big bundle will arrive on my desk Friday which could take 4 or 5 hours to process.
---Tonight I have to take down our hexie club quilt exhibit and tomorrow I need to make an apple crisp for the hexie club meeting on Friday - we are celebrating our third anniversary!!!!!!!!
---Saturday I'm working all day at the LQS for their 5 year anniversary party.

I don't mind each activity in itself but with all this in 6 days by the time I get home at night, I'm whooped and just need something simple to work on!

On Monday, I was trying to think about what I can finish before the 2 trunk shows (now just 8 and 20 days away). The doll quilt needs some sit down time at my Bernina so that is on schedule for Sunday. That brought me back to my plus quilt. I started pulling fabrics which created a mess while I decided on fabric combos.

That reminded me of a small project that was barely started but could make a good example for the second show. You can barely see the small plastic box on the near side of the mess...it's a stack of 2" squares of graduated hand dyes bought at a quilt show a year or so ago. Each graduation has 6 shades and there were no color repeats in the box. It's perfect for 3/4" rosettes! I had made the yellow one eons ago but decided to pull this out to work on piecemeal when I have short threads from other projects in the next few weeks. Well, that was the plan cuz here it is Wednesday morning and I have 2 done already.

Last night I cut out 4 sets of plus block and got the olive green set made...7 more to go...

This morning I pulled out my very first hexie project. I SWEAR it's the perfect doll quilt size by chance!!! It's still just a top because I had this grand idea of a fake trapunto effect under the center of each black eyed susan but ran out of ideas after just 4 of them. In the end it isn't a very exciting effect.

Today I'm going to decide if I should:  --come up with 8 more designs, --rip out the 4 designs and just leave them blank or --pick my fav design, rip out the other 3 and do them all the same. I'll add this project to Sunday's Bernina time.

I still need to stitch the facing on a topper and work on filling in the triangle edges for Value Proposition...any body know where I can purchase about 10 extra hours a day?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I know how you feel - I had a whole month in this state. A couple more day in October and I can breath again.

margaret said...

I am exhausted reading about all you have on your plate. I think you must thrive on business!

Remember keep some time for stitching inbetween all your other commitments

Janet O. said...

You are making me dizzy!
If the effect isn't exciting, I vote for ripping out all four and leaving them blank. It is very cute as is.

Karen H said...

Phew! You are one busy woman. If you find a sale on extra hours please let me know because I could use some myself!

Chantal said...

I completely understand you needing 10 extra hours a day at the moment. I too would feel discombobulated with all you have going on. Make a list, do the big nasty jobs first and tick them off as you go. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Thinking of you girl!