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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park is...
 ...locally known as the Grand Canyon of the East!!
 ...nationally known as the #1 State Park in the country per survey at USAToday!!

LSP is a mere 7 minute drive from my front door, yet I rarely made the time to visit for pleasure, only arriving with the ambulance crew for an emergency. Missing my annual second camping trip to the ADK mountains, I decided to take advantage of the beauty in my own backyard.  I've hiked a couple times with my friend Kim and her family and a couple times on my own. If the weather holds this coming Saturday, after I work the 5K for our local library, I hope to hike again. Keep your fingers crossed!

Pedestrian bridge over the river just downstream (north!) of the Lower Falls.
It's 167 steps down to viewing area above the bridge.

Old train trestle over the Upper Falls. The bridge will be replaced in the next couple of years so that the trains can maintain their travelling speed over the gorge. They currently must drastically slow down to cross the current bridge.

Early morning fog rising out of the gorge - looking towards Lower/Middle/Upper Falls.
The river runs north (left), just like the Nile in Egypt.

Sun rays through the trees.
When I was a kid, this is how people got to heaven :)

Park entry is free before 9am so I've been enjoying the solitude and cool weather in the mornings.
Lets just hope I don't come across this in person!
 There is an indentation on the right that could be a 5th toe. Check out those claws tho
!What do you think? Bobcat (4 toes) or bear cub (5 toes)?


Janet O. said...

Wow, beautiful place! Funny how we seldom fully enjoy the beauties in our own area. I know there are many intriguing places near me that I haven't seen.
I also hope you don't have a personal encounter with the maker of that track, whatever it is!!

Sherrill said...

WOW!! I'd be over there often. SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Missy Shay said...

My husband and I went camping there once when we lived in Erie, PA. I lost all of my pictures though. It is very beautiful and I love the weather up north.

margaret said...

what a beautiful place to visit and so near home for you, the bridge does not look like it could cope with a train! just as well it is being replaced. Loving that your thought the sun rays lead to Heaven. Would not know about the paw mark, all I see here are cats and dogs

Me and My Stitches said...

So beautiful and peaceful (until I think of that animal print!!). Enjoy your time there. Isn't it funny how we often don't take advantage of places like this that are so close to home?

Carla said...

Well.......let's not hang around and find out ; )
I really need to explore my own country more. That looks gorgeous

Jo said...

That is such a lovely view. Beautiful to walk through so long as you don't meet any of the creatures...

Karen H said...

I don't know what that paw print belongs to but one thing I do know is that it likely has sharp teeth to go with the sharp claws! The park looks amazing!