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Thursday, September 17, 2015

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 9/17/15

Woohoo!!!! It's the 17th of the month and that makes it our monthly Hexie Linky Party!
Today I'm sharing the short (?) evolution of a recent project that was supposed to be simple.
Yeah right, bwahahahahaha.

Months ago I found this picture on The Evil Website:

I saved the photo to my desktop so I could figure out how I was going to make it. The link said she couldn't find the papers and had drafted her own but when I re-read it the last time and found that she said something about pentagons, I searched paperpieces.com for pentagons and found the house shape which would work perfectly! I promptly ordered them! I just needed to decide on fabric...

Having some fabric left from our Hexie club logo project, I decided to pull fabrics in the same color families and started making pluses. I put a few up on the wall and started on more. I started rearranging them on the wall and finally decided I really needed to come up with a final layout so I wouldn't make more than I needed for the project, given my short time frame for finishing projects (3 weeks from today is my first trunk show).

I finally pulled up EQ7 and found a "plus" block which I modified to better match the house shaped plus blocks.

I soon discovered that I couldn't design the final layout with just that one block and finally created a larger grid all at once. I wouldn't want to create a human bed sized quilt this way so there must be an easier way that I couldn't find...

Since this project will end up on the dolly cat bed, I sized it to be 18"x24" even tho this graphic looks almost square.

Next it was time to play with colors - ignore the colors in the drawings I just picked anything not what actually matches that beautiful batik.
--My first idea (left) was to copy the pinterest photo verbatim and have diagonal lines of color and white pluses. It probably shows the colors off the best.
--My second idea (middle) was to only have the colored pluses in the middle and any outside (full or partial) plus was white. I just felt this was too little color and quite lopsided.
--My third idea (right) was to have any full plus be colored and any partial plus is white - still lopsided but lots of color - and I'll have to cut down all of the white pluses I've made so far..

So far I am thinking that the third option gives me the most color but the first option makes the best use of the work I've put into the project so far.

I think any of the 3 options will be very pretty. Which is your favorite??!!

Ok, my fellow hexie-ologists, now it's your turn to share your EPP projects. Any shape or vintage is fair game - we just want to see what you're working on!!


Denise :) said...

UGH! What was I thinking? I posted yesterday (and yes, two days in a row is a bit much for me) and didn't give a thought to HeLP. I'm lame this month. I forgot bibliophile files, too. I like the third option . . . it's the most eye-appealing to me!!!! :)

Pamela said...

I like the full of color third option!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Interesting project and I like the third layout.

Carla said...

Looks like a great start to your quilt. I love plus quilts ; )