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Monday, January 30, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 1/30/17

I had a fairly busy weekend & it was a good great thing!

I left fairly early Saturday morning for a FART! I'm sure that you know FART means Fabric Acquisition Road Trip. I just hadn't known exactly how much fabric I would be finding....

I had left a wee bit later than expected which meant the store in Dansville was open so I picked up some vinyl that I'll need to make name badge holders to sell at my annual town clerk's conference. I also picked up a few FQs.

Maybe this would have been more meaningful to photo the backs
with their respective tops. Oops?!

Next I headed way south, almost to the Pennsylvania border to Addison, NY to visit the shop of a friend's sister. The store was having a 20% off sale and she had quite a few fat backs to choose from. I had brought 4 tops with me to pick backings. Of course, I also got another can of 505 - I'll definitely need it if I'm basting 4 large quilt tops. Oh wait, I take that back cuz I have 3 more top/backing sets at home. I probably should have gotten 2 cans with 7 quilts to baste. The kink in all this mess is that I don't have any batting and I just spent all my money on backing fabrics. I'm going to have to buy batting one quilt top's worth at a time...

As I was leaving the store, Cathy told me that there was another quilt shop in town and another on the drive home. Well sign me up! Three new-to-me quilt stores in one day! I picked up a few more FQs at the other Addison store and then  zipped over to Corning Glass Museum. I didn't have time to go through the museum (not at the regular admission price anyway) so I just zipped around the store looking at all the pretty glass items.

3 WOW for the pieced hexie sampler
4 neutrals and 4 colors for stash

Next up was the last store in Campbell, NY where, you guessed it, I picked up a few more FQs.

The last stop for the day was to hike the National Cemetery in Bath - I'll share those pictures later this week.

By the time I got home Saturday evening, I was whooped from all that driving and the heat generated from my debit card so I settled in front of the TV to stitch more of the border on my owl quilt.

Sunday morning was spent alternating between clearing out my bedroom for a major redo, laundry and more hexies! The afternoon was spent watching a double header since both my nephews had hockey games!

All the teammates now have nicknames...
say hi to "Curly Q"
so named for all those luscious curls!

Some time ago, the boys on my older nephew's team realized that other hockey teams (I can't remember if it was the Amerks or ???) dressed up before games so they all decided to do the same. It's so nice to see young men in shirt and ties with shiny shoes :) Can you believe this young man turns 12 next week??!! I've told him to stop getting older but he just shakes his head at his favorite Crazy Aunt Sarah.

Say hi to "Scrat"
Scrat (Ice Age squirrel) never gives up trying to get the acorn
Ryan never gives up trying to get to the puck.

The team for my younger nephew doesn't dress up - but he really wants to. Anything to emulate the older boys! He was so determined to have peeps see him dressed up yesterday that he refused to wear his coat. I supposed it helped that he had just skated hard for 90 mins but I was cold just sitting there.

Scrat and Tortilla

We might or might not be related...

I've joined...Design Wall MondayMonday Making


Frances Meredith said...

Wow, great FART.

Chantal said...

Such cute little blokes. Your FART sounded very productive. Love the goodies you bought. I buy all my batting from connecting threads.com. They have a 30% sale on batting fairly regularly so I always stock up. One queen size and two crib size were delivered right to my door on Saturday. Also, free shipping over $50. No, I was not paid to say this. There thread is also amazing and also prone to regular sales. It is all I use on the machine.

Janet O. said...

You acquired very well, Sarah! Has the debit card cooled off yet?
What handsome young men!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What handsome young men and so cool that they dress up. Wonderful collection of goods and sounds like a great trip.

Vivian said...

That's my kind of road trip -- When the stash needs some cash, we gotta dash! My family visited the Corning Museum on a trip back from Niagara, great museum! Looking at those boys, I'm wondering if there isn't two made-by-Auntie Hockey quilts in their future?

margaret said...

good to see your nephews enjoy sport rather than playing computer games all day.
You certainly had a good shop and how lucky you are, we have a couple of market stalls that sell fabric bu no big quilt shops anywhere near, I do get to a couple of quilt shows a year and get tempted by the internet but not keen on buying fabric there as it can be a let down in quality etc when it arrives.Duvet covers I tend to use as backings and had some good bargains recently in Asda, Walmart in USA

Jo said...

What a fantastic day of shopping and some great buys. Looks like fun watching the boys...

Pamela said...

Great fabric acquisition and such handsome young men!

Denise :) said...

I enjoyed this both times around !! Hahaha! What a fun weekend you had! Gosh I wish we lived closer. We need to consider a retreat meet. Seriously. Movies, books on tape, hexies and chocolate. And maybe I just need to come to your house so cats can be included, too. :)