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Monday, June 12, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 6/12/17

Unfortunately I can't share the hexie project I'm working on with you. It's a surprise for hexie club - earlier this year we exchanged lunch bags of scraps in order to make something for the fabric owner and the item needs to be finished by our July meeting. I'm not sure if my person reads my blog so it's just better to keep it a secret until after the meeting. It's real pretty, I promise!

Instead, lets catch up on some recent projects and happenings...

The most exciting thing last week was meeting Ruth from The Yarnarian!!! I can't remember how long we've been emailing between our blogs but it's sooooo fun to meet another blogger. I've met 2 bloggers now.

We spent the morning exchanging gifts, sharing show-n-tell and gabbing on and on. Then we walked to down town Canandaigua, NY to a crepe place for lunch, Yumm!! We spent the afternoon stitching in the hotel lobby while Ruth's husband checked on us periodically during his conference. It's too bad he's retiring and won't be attending more conferences in NY so that we can meet up again. On the other hand...any time I'm down to NYC I have an invite :)

Here's the 2nd of my red and blue rosettes for our hexie club vet quilt project. It's not my favorite fussing cutting design but I was using scraps and this is what I had. Now to fussy cut the third rosette...

And two weekends ago, I cleaned all the surfaces in the Quilt Lab and then did some trimming and stitching.

I fussy cut purple and oranges to make a (future) Quatro Color quilt. I have the perfect purple and orange batik for the borders. I'm thinking this will be a good backup project to take camping since it fits so nicely in this yellow bin from Harbor Freight.

In an effort to clean up a box of blue, yellow and orange fabrics I am saving for my pieced hexie project I put together these 14 sets of pieced squares to make "cog" rosettes. These are going with the other blue and yellow/orange sets I had put together for my camping trip coming up soon. Between these and the Quatro Color I have plenty of work. These go together pretty fast so I'll still probably throw in a couple other projects for a change of pace.

Matched with center reds and papers all marked.

Oh and BTW - remember the adage to measure twice/cut once?

I highly suggest to READ THE DIRECTIONS TWICE then measure twice and finally cut once. I had cut all the strips for these blocks to discover they were too big when it was time to sew. Luckily they were too big and not too small but it wasted a lot of time to trim them down later.

Piecing the hexie blocks also gave me the opportunity to work with some leader enders. I haven't worked on my puss in the Corner blocks in a long time so it was fun to make these as the scraps were getting trimmed from the Lab surfaces.

As a little ego thing - I finished another 5K on Saturday: I was the first finisher to walk the entire event (as opposed to alternating walking and running). Does it really matter? Only to me.

Even better...yesterday I went for a walk. Did I think I would go for such a long walk? Not quite so far but when I got to the Letchworth State Park entrance I thought I should go somewhere in the park.  Had I planned to walk so far I would have started much, much earlier, before it got to be so damn hot. This is about my worst pace ever but given the heat, hills and wind it's not bad. As I've said before - I'm in it for the endurance. I've got mountains to climb this summer!!!!

Happy Monday!

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Julierose said...

Oh those cog hexies will be so lovely. I took out (un-earthed is more like it lol) my Snow Flower hexagon top and basted it to a snow white background...now to stitch it down and then border it for a nice table topper....I haven't worked on it for E O N S...Sounds like you had a wonderful day....will check out her site....hugs, Julierose

Jo said...

Good effort all round. Well done with the walking..

Judy Hansen said...

Good job with the walking. Finishing the course is a lot better than those of us who didn't even start, right? Please show us the hexies later that you can't show now, as I am now curious. Not nice to tease us,.lol

Ruth said...

It was such fun spending the day with you. There ought to be someplace in the middle where we could meet.

I usually do my EPP on the sun porch, but not today. The AC died. The guy is coming tomorrow to fix it. I'm melting here.

Janet O. said...

Always fun to meet other bloggers. I think I've met 8 now--10 if you count some national teachers that also blog. I need to get you in that number somehow!
Have to admit my surprise in seeing a non-hexie project in the post. : )
Wow--that was a long walk! I'm doing well if I get 4 or 5 miles.

margaret said...

lots of EPP projects on the goo will be good to see the cogs you are going to make with th yellow and orange such a good idea to get the strips made in advance. Very impressed 8.5 miles walked never done even a quarter of that in one walk!

How good to meet a fellow blogger, I met a few at FOQ one year and maybe will meet one this year who I know is going.

Chantal said...

What a lovely colorful post. You have some super projects on the go. I am making a Quatro Color Quilt too. I am doing mine with cotton and steel fabrics. Well done on your super long walk on the weekend.