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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report, a squishy and flowers!

It's been a red hot week.

Yesterday there was a house fire a few streets from where I work. Those poor fire(wo)men with all their gear on in that bright afternoon sun were just sweating buckets. I'm sure they got tired of me pushing bottles of water and Gatorade at them but they needed it. They did jokingly ask for a portajohn but I couldn't help them with that. LOL. Now if only I had had some sunscreen with me...

Thankfully today is much, much cooler.
Today is an orange day, since you asked. Barely an orange day.

Earlier this week I received a squishy from Denise!!! Every other month we send each other a squishy based on a predetermined theme. This month was cats & birds. We were supposed to send one bird FQ, one cat FQ and either a cat or bird related gift. Neither of us follows the rules explicitly, as you already noticed.

I tried to get the approval of my new cat socks from the resident approver of all things here at Casa Grande but he was more interested in attacking my Sketchers.

And last but not least, I raided my garden this morning! Pink and white peonies, yellow iris and 2 kinds of hosta leaves. My office smells divine!

Linking to Midweek Makers #76.


Janet O. said...

At least it isn't red hot today!
Good job keeping those firefighters hydrated!!
Well, it is good to know that Denise is still alive. I would expect nothing less from either one of you than a bit of rule stretching. : )
Maybe Z was trying to get your shoes off so he could see more of those stylish socks.
The flowers are gorgeous. The Hosta leaves make a nice addition to the bouquet.

Jo said...

Lovely little parcel.. cute socks.
Your Hexies are a nice bright colour... Pretty flowers too

Vireya said...

Love those peonies!

You are having some hot times. I'm on day 6 of my current rosette, and so far every one of those days has been the same (cool) colour. Not getting much variation here.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oyi - I need to get my fabrics together for the temperature quilt. Summer Solstice is fast approaching! I am glad it cooled down today, too. Love the kitty socks - too cute!

margaret said...

nice selection in your goody bag.

Chantal said...

I like your temperature Rosette and love the kitty socks. That is such a cool thing you have going on with Denise. Your flowers are wonderful.

Susan said...

Pretty hexies - thank you for sharing on Midweek Makers!