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Saturday, June 17, 2017

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 6/17/17

I'm prepping this post on Friday so I thought I would first share my yard from last night...

We had a "little" storm pass through late yesterday afternoon which dropped almost 2.5" of rain at my house! Yikes. I know it's hard to see through the screen door but I outlined the "puddle" (twice as big as if it were a random spring thaw) which starts in Larry's yard and flows into mine where part is then diverted between our houses towards the street and the rest flows across my back yard and ends up in the low spot of Tina's yard.

We did need some rain (my clay yard was beginning to crack) but for now Mother Nature has left a lot of people with wet basements, fallen trees/limbs and flooded farm fields. I will admit to shedding a tear over my 2 remaining white peony blossoms that were mutilated. Boohoo.

Anyway...you aren't here to hear about the weather at my house...You're here to hear about hexie projects.

Oh wait - since I can't show you my secret brown-bag-challenge project for Hexie Club, we are back to the weather. Sorry!

Here's the last month of my Hexie Temperature Quilt!!

You can see the ups and downs that we had - we had lows in the high 50s (bright green) all the way up to the upper 80s (red). Today is another red hot day. A muggy, red hot day thanks to the rain.

Are you making a temperature quilt? Have you started stitching yours or are you waiting for a special day? Maybe you're just getting your fabrics ready? We would love to see your progress and I do hope you'll share photos of your temp quilt or any other hexie project. Remember - we love to see any project, of any age or paper shape.

One last bonus - today is Quilt in Public Day and if the weather holds, our Hexie Club will be hexing on the front lawn of our LQS. Is there some place you can quilt in public today and interest a new friend in learning EPP?!?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

We had that heavy rain, too. I think we get a break today and then the wet season will be back again. I have some handstitching for the weekend.

Chantal said...

Sorry for your Peonies! I might have cried too if I had any! Love your temperature afghan. It is so bright and cheerful. I have been writing down the temperatures and have not yet started the Rosettes. Such inspiration from yours. I was wondering about your choice for a background fabric and love what I see. Great job!

Janet O. said...

That is a lot of water--and we have clay soil, too, so I know how it doesn't absorb. Sorry about the flowers. :(
Quilt in public day? Who thinks of these things? *LOL*
I have already taught many people the art of EPP, which seems strange, considering I don't love the process. : )
Your temperature blocks are fun.

Vireya said...

That is a lot of rain!

It's nice to see your 4 rosettes - it does give a feel for how the whole quilt will look. It is going to be fun seeing the gradual colour changes across the year come together.

Pamela said...

Nice fabrics for your first four weeks! So far my blocks have been mostly yellows - in the 70's, but I think there will be more oranges very soon.

margaret said...

that was a very heavy downpour such a lot in a small amount of time no wonder there was a massive puddle!

Did not know it was quilt day yesterday but yes we had our MQG meeting so there were 10 of us quilting together we meet once a month

MissPat said...

We had 2" of rain in about an hour here in Avon, at dinnertime, on top of a half inch earlier in the time. Lots of street and basement flooding again. It's now become a regular occurrence for us. Severe storm watch for this afternoon. I love the temperature quilt blocks.